Key Takeaways from Surveying 4,000 Bloggers on Marketing Partnerships

After noticing a disconnect in the way marketers pitch bloggers, GroupHigh surveyed 4,000 of the top bloggers and asked them basic questions about their marketing relationships to reveal monumental insights for marketers.

The results of the survey are available in this free white paper. So make sure you download that immediately.

But, in addition to our data that we published, we want to offer key takeaways and actionable insights that marketers can apply to their way of doing influencer marketing right now.

Based on the questions we asked and the results we uncovered there are 3 very simple takeaways that no marketer should not be privy to so here ya go:

  1. While bloggers are being pitched all day everyday by brands, agencies and networks for marketing partnerships—the overwhelming amount of bloggers want to work directly with brands.

In fact, 68% of bloggers prefer to work directly with brands. CTT

Of course if your brand doesn’t have the manpower in place to run this strategy in house, an agency can still work if retained for a long term basis. I think the key takeaway is that bloggers want the option to have an ongoing partnership instead of being part of a campaign.

This ebook is a great one for you to read if you’re ready to own your marketing relationships and bring blogger outreach in house.

  1. Your peer marketers are asking bloggers for the social profiles and social data when they are vetting. This tells us that bloggers are being vetted and worked with across all of their social channels in influencer marketing not just their blog.

Here are some tips for you to make sure you’re making the most out of a multi-channel blogger outreach strategy.

  1. Metrics bloggers and marketers care about seems to fall overwhelmingly in the camp of page views. Of course success is determined by a number of factors but when needing to “quantify” success bloggers and brands turn to page views as a solid metric.

Knowing how to measure earned media such as earned blog posts is a skill that all marketers should have so check out this post on how marketers are measuring their efforts.

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[…] In my experience, I feel that since many man bloggers tend to publish less frequently than mom bloggers they are more discriminating in what brands and advertisers they will cover. This is true for sponsored as well as non-sponsored posts and especially true if there is no pre-existing relationship with the brand. […]

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