Keeping Up With C2C Marketing

Social media has forever changed the world of marketing (I’m sure a marketer in my place probably once said that about radio and television) and because of this, the C2C (consumer to consumer) model has taken shape. The crucial component to understand—consumers are no longer looking to brands when they are researching a product, they are looking to other consumers.

Inside of the C2C model, consumers “market” to each other through blog and social media interaction. If you think about it, this model just takes us back to our roots where humans trust their peers and have a desire word of mouth recommendations. A story from experience is always more convincing than a dry statement of “buy my product.”

The falling away of the effectiveness of B2C is apparent by the blank billboards, tuned out television commercials and the fact that people will pay for commercial free radio. In my opinion, it’s a good trend that consumers are self-educating themselves instead of believing a commercial. We just have to help each other keep up with this new form of marketing so here is my attempt!

Influential Consumers

First and foremost, keep in mind that your marketing strategy now consists of targeting a handful of influential consumers who will spread the word about your brand to their loyal following. This is the opposite of our comfortable B2C model in which we once aimed to get the attention of a ton of consumers at once.

Now, marketers target and align with a handful of influential consumers who does the recommending of your product. This is where the buzzword “influencer marketing” that you’ve probably heard comes in to play.

This is also where blogger outreach has become a crucial marketing practice over the last few years. Since 86% of your brand’s potential influencers operate a blog, the easiest way to target these individuals is to target bloggers. This way you can search by genre and niche so that you only reach out to people who are a contextual fit.

Content Creation

There are two forms of content creation—creating your own content for consumers to find and getting influential consumers to create content for their audience.

Content creation is a giant component of C2C marketing. You probably know by now that your brand should have a blog. This not only secures your inbound marketing practice but it also allows consumers to share your content with each other.

While generating your own content to fall in the hands of consumers is great, what is even better is getting a consumer to generate their own content about your brand. This can be done by giving an influential blogger a sample of your product in hopes they write good things about it or incentivizing consumers who already love your product.

And let’s not leave out the obvious tactic, you create such an awesome product or service that people are moved to write about it and recommend it simply by exposure.

What are your thoughts on the C2C model?

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