Important Steps to Determining an Influencer’s Entire Digital Footprint

As you know, at GroupHigh we’re fans of the “one-to-one-to-many” approach to influencer marketing.

To maximize the strategy of working with one person to reach many potential consumers for your brand across many digital channels, you need to have access to an influencer’s entire digital footprint.

Blogs work as the best spring boards for your one-to-one-to-many campaigns because they are the best medium to search for influencers contextually and contain all of what you need to know to work with someone for an effective strategy.

If you’re a GroupHigh user you can streamline this entire process. If you’re searching for bloggers and pulling these stats manually, use this check list and find the following information points for all influencers before reaching out.


Social And Metrics: Know how loud their online voice carries on all social channels

Blog traffic data is great. But it’s not a qualifier when looked at as an isolated statistic.

When building a list of bloggers to reach out to be sure to identify which social channels fit best with your goal and check out the blogger’s presence on said channels. A large instagram following can make up for the fact that the blog gets mediocre traffic.


Post topics: A granular contextual fit with your brand is crucial to earn relevant mentions

Look deeper than the topic of the overall blog. The topics of individual posts can tell you whether or not they are a super snug contextual fit with your brand. An easy way to get a bird’s eye view is to peruse the post titles and the post tags.


Contact Us Page: Find out how they want you to reach out

If they want you to fill out a contact form, do it. If they want you to email a certain address depending on your inquiry make sure you follow their wish.

Often times this is where bloggers state exactly how they want to work with brands.


About Me Page: Learn something about them to reference in your pitch

This is where the blogger shares any quirky information about themselves and you can learn about their goal with their blog and things they like and dislike.

Grab up a nugget of information from this page to reference in your pitch and maybe even your subject line to grab their attention!



Names: Of course you want to reference them by name

The bloggers name is usually on their homepage, at the top of their blog posts or in the about me section of their blog. Make sure you find this information as it’s the most important element of your pitch….


Activity History: Make sure you remember what emails you sent and keep your team on the same page

In a spreadsheet or in your blogger outreach platform, make sure you keep track of who you’ve emailed and what campaigns they were part of. This ensures you don’t double contact bloggers (so embarrassing) and you can track which bloggers lifted your brand the most and stay in uber close touch with them!

Weigh in please! In the comments let me know whether or not you examine an entire digital footprint of an influencer before reaching out to them?

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