How to Steer Your Bloggers’ Posts in the Right Direction without Seeming Controlling

A shiny, well written, positive blog post about your brand makes the fruits of your blogger outreach labor tangible and well worth the days spent researching bloggers and crafting fabulous introductory emails.

But, just because you put in the work and earn a mention doesn’t mean that it will necessarily do good things for your brand.

A blogger may have the best of intentions but the post  produced is sometimes less than charming. Or full of factual errors. Or simply just paints your brand in a less than admirable light.

In order to get the most out of our blogger outreach campaigns, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that a blogger writes the shiny post that you earned.

Arm Them with a Call to Action

If you have a call to action in mind, by all means share this with the blogger. Don’t be pushy but say hey, it would be awesome if you could sum up your post with this… I call it a call to action for your call to action…

Do They Even Fit With Your Brand?

Is your blogger’s audience there to read about the niche your brand falls in to? If not then even the shiniest mention is going to be moot.

One of the defining factors that let’s you know whether or not a blogger fits with your brand is if they like your brand. A post that doesn’t scream authenticity is one that you don’t want surrounding your brand.

Provide Them with Facts

In order to not write false information about your brand, the blogger needs to have the facts. Send them links to recent press releases, case studies and white papers that have information that will add value to their post. A post full of accuracy and facts leads to audience trust which leads to action—the end goal, right?

Allow Creative Freedom

Though you want to steer your bloggers in the right direction, you don’t to take away their creative freedom. They are followed for a reason and you want their posts about your brand to represent their authentic voice and subject matter.

Don’t Persuade a Brand Focused Post

Encourage the blogger to write about how your brand fits in to a bigger picture as opposed to a post solely about your brand which would likely bore an audience into oblivion.

When a blogger presents a problem their audience can relate to followed by a tangible solution—your brand—you product or suddenly looks a lot more appealing.

Make Yourself Available

Don’t just arm a blogger with good information and talking points. Assure them that you are available to answer any questions that come up for their post. Also offer to fact check it for complete accuracy, they very well may appreciate this extra gesture!

Are there any tactics you’ve used to ensure the best quality posts from bloggers? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!


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