How to Leverage Blogger Relations to Promote Your Brand for the Holiday Season

Burned yellow leaves litter the sidewalks and most days it’s still warm enough to leave the coat at home. Consumers have their minds on pumpkins and scarecrows–not Christmas shopping.

So you know what that means, right? It’s October and your plan to promote your brand for the holiday season should be almost completed and maybe you’ve even started the beginning stages?

Did you know that bloggers are one of the greatest assets to promoting your product or service for the holiday season? Here is why and some tips on utilizing blogger outreach for effective promo this year, happy fall!

Why Blogger’s are a Crucial Part of Your Strategy

  • 2/3 of shoppers plan to do some if not all of their holiday shopping online
  • Bloggers create some of the best and most sought after gift guides
  • Bloggers are in the top 5 sources of trustworthy information
  • 81% of the online population trusts information and advice they get from bloggers
  • 61% of the online population has made a purchase based on a recommendation from bloggers


Getting Placement in the Right Gift Guides

Gift guide placement is by far one of the most effective tactics for your holiday promotion. Frazzled shoppers heavily search gift guides for inspiration on the perfect gift for their spouse or something to buy their hard—to—shop—for dad.

When determining which bloggers to reach out to for gift guide placement, keep in mind that bloggers tend to write on very specific topics. This is good news to you because when you find ones who are the right fit, they have a super targeted audience that fits with your product or brand.

Typically consumers search for or seek out gift guides based on who they are buying for. So determine the following three “gift guide characteristics” and begin searching for the perfect bloggers!

  • Relationship type that your gift is ideal for. This is the number one way that people search for gifts. Examples: “gifts for grandpa” “gifts for wife” “gifts for dad” etc.
  • Personality type. Examples: “gifts for adventurer” “gifts for intellectual” “gifts for rock collector.”
  • Gift givers budget. This tells you whether or not you should target lists that cater to indulgent or frugal gift giving.


Fun fact: did you know “gift guides for men” is by far the most popular type of gift guide that consumers are searching for? Makes sense, men are hard to shop for…

Other Post Tactics

Not every blogger puts together a gift guide so other than landing spots in gift guides, there are other post tactics to consider for holiday promo as well.

Product Review: One of the more popular tactics when working with bloggers to promote your brand. You send them a free product and they “test it out” and write about their experience.

Guest Post: Ask the blogger if you can write a guest post. Remember that the best guest posts to market your brand don’t appear to be marketing at all. So try this: write a post for the blogger about gift giving to your target audience and include your own guide or list of suggestions and obviously include your own brand as a suggestion.

Blogger event: Hosting an event for bloggers is a great idea for local businesses, retail chains and restaurants. It’s a good way to add a more human image to your brand, product or service. Lee Jeans organized blogger “jean parties” all over the country while Red Lobster has been hosting blogger dinners.

While it can be difficult to find bloggers by location, if you can invest in a blogger outreach tool, GroupHigh has the best location search and sometimes you can google for a list of bloggers by location in a certain genre such as “beauty bloggers in Phoenix.”

Best Practices

It all starts with the pitch so make sure you’re pitching strategy is perfected so check out this post on pitching advice from the bloggers you’re pitching.

With so many shoppers eager to do their shopping online, make sure you provide the bloggers with the best links to purchase your product for the best prices. Streamline the process for everyone!

Bloggers love to give something exclusive to their audience so when possible provide them with an exclusive coupon or pricing. If you can’t do this, at least point them in the right direction so they link to the best price for your product possible.

Start reaching out now! I know it is still t-shirt weather but it can take a little time to schedule placement with the bloggers as many of them plan very far ahead. Not to mention, last year other brands started marketing earlier than ever and as a result, many consumers started holiday shopping before black Friday!

Do you have any tips to include on using blogger outreach as part of your holiday brand promotion strategy? Please share in the comments below!

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