How to Keep Track of Your Online Mentions and Social Presence

Positive or negative reviews and mentions of your brand are no longer slowly making their way through the grapevine. In today’s digitally driven world, they are spat from the virtual mouth of social media users and bloggers and these mentions spread like wildfire.

These mentions are coming from all over the globe and there are many reasons why you should be keeping track of them for your own company:

  • To negate false claims and rumors
  • To uncover earned mentions of your brand
  • To have the opportunity to address legitimate complaints and concerns
  • To answer questions about your brand that linger in forums
  • It will boost your self-esteem by reading the good stuff being said


Thankfully, there are some tools that make it easier to keep track of what is being said about our brands. Here are some that I use for my company that have worked best for me.


HootSuite is the perfect tool to monitor multiple social media channels and Twitter mentions. With Hootsuite, it’s easier to organize who is tweeting at you or using hash tags that you want to track. I’m in the business of blogger outreach so I have a stream set up that shows me every tweet that contains #bloggeroutreach.

There are two versions but if you are just monitoring your company and not multiple clients, the free version is fabulous

Google Alerts

Google Alerts should pick up on all the mainstream blogs and articles that mention your brand. Sidebar, it’s a great idea to set them for competing brands too! I love Google alerts because once they are set, you can count on them to show up in your inbox every day.

Speaking of Google, Google Alerts isn’t the only Google tracking tool; you can use their blog search to look for mentions in blog posts about your brand by putting in your keywords.


Trackur is a popular and reliable tool to find brand mentions across social media channels and has a variety of plans.

Social Mention

Social Mention allows you to type in your company or client’s name and find out which outlets are talking about you including YouTube, twitter and Facebook just to name a few. You can create a “social alert” which is like Google alerts but for social media mentions.


If you’re a GroupHigh user then you know that you can monitor the entire blogosphere for keyword mentions. Therefore, you will never miss a brand mention from bloggers you reach out to ever again!


Kurrently works like Social Mention except it doesn’t give you alerts. When I typed my own brand in to Kurrently, more social media posts came up than with Social Mention.


IceRocket is a search engine that brings up blog posts, Twitter and Facebook mentions of your brand. It brought up everything that Kurrently brought up for my company’s social media mentions but also showed blog mentions.


BoardTracker lets you search for what is being said about you on forums and discussions


Old Fashioned Internet Search

It’s also not a bad idea to perform an internet search and see which sites pop up first. You want to be familiar with this because most consumers are Googling you and/or your brand before purchasing. How can you use what pops up in your marketing plan? Are there any negative reviews of you that pop up? If so, your new #1 priority is damage control!

What tools do you use to track your company’s online presence?

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This is a great article! Thanks so much for the tips!!! This is very helpful cause I work in social media. Another tool that I can suggest also is – been using this for a while now. They track FB & Twitter KPI’s and analyse brand awareness and perception through mentions on the web. They also include attachments to the most popular conversations, so you can gauge brand perception. You can learn more about it from the website:

Hi Kristen!
I would also recommend Talkwalker as a great social media monitoring tool. It covers online news, blogs, forums, websites and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube in a total of 187 languages 🙂
You can try its free alerting tool here: which gives you an insight of what can be found 🙂
The company Talkwalker is specialised in web crawling and has got is own crawling technology.
Hope you will enjoy it!!

Hi Julie, I just checked it out, thanks for sharing and adding this to my list!

I found your article while trying to figure out where I can get a feed that shows companies trending data (based on blog and twitter mentions).

Something similar to the left column on this site where it shows “Companies with 50%+ Increase…”

Any idea how to come up with the data for creating such a feed on my own site?

Just asking – thanks for the great aricle.

Wonderful article, it helped me a lot , it’s very much knowledgeable, Thanks for sharing!

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