How to Go Beyond the Pitch and Create Successful Relationships with Bloggers

You have memorized the components that make up a successful blogger outreach pitch and you used tact in your campaign. But, you may feel that your outreach campaigns are not giving you the results you want even though you are following the “right steps.”

Fortunately, there are things you can do to create more successful relationships with bloggers and a good place to start is taking all of your interaction with key bloggers beyond the pitch.

In order to build a relationship with a blogger,  the first and most important thing to do is actually read through the blog. It sounds so simple but bloggers seem to constantly be venting about the fact that people are pitching them content that is irrelevant to their blogs.

After perusing the blog, you will get a feel for the blogger’s personality and what kind of content their audience enjoys. You can then decide what  unique twist you want to put on your pitch and how you want to reach out to that blogger. It can’t hurt to try something new, from creative to bold, here are some innovative ways to reach out to bloggers:

  • Court them like you would a prom date, send them an email saying you like their work and leave it at that. Don’t make a move too quickly by sending out a pitch right away.
  • Engage in their social media with comments, shares and ‘retweets” prior to the pitch.
  • If you are marketing a tangible good, send them the product prior to the pitch.
  • Think about inviting them to contribute on your blog instead of asking if you can contribute on theirs. This opens the door for them to benefit from your traffic and often they will reciprocate with a guest post opportunity for you.
  • Ask them to guest in a webinar and clarify that you will actively promote the webinar beforehand.
  • Send them a post that you wrote that shows that your writing ability will benefit them. A piece of engaging content for their audience can be the greatest gift of all.
  • Bring to light a good idea. A new spin on their post popular topic will get any blogger’s attention
  • We experiment with story forms in our articles—why not experiment with story forms in our pitches? Make your pitch a poem, slide show, list, infographic, etc. By reading a blog, you can gauge the blogger’s personality as to whether or no they would find this awesome or annoying.
  • Attach an e-gift card (because mailing addresses can be hard to find) that is to something relevant to their blog. For example, a gift card to a local restaurant would be a great gift to a foodie blogger.


It’s no secret that you are pitching these bloggers because their influence is crucial to your campaign. Just remember, you don’t want what you need to come across in the pitch. What you have to offer the blogger should be the theme.
We would love to hear any examples of how you’ve taken it beyond the pitch or someone else has taken it beyond the pitch when contacting you! It could also be a great topic for a compilation article so feel free to email me your examples if you’d rather!

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