How to Get Bloggers to Write a Great Review

The main goal of most outreach is to receive a great review from an influential blogger in your industry. In order to achieve that goal, you not only have to target the right bloggers, but you have to give them a good reason to write a positive review of your products or services. The following are tips to ensure the best reviews possible for your brand.

 Get to Know the Blogger

It’s hard for someone to write something negative about someone they know so well. Whenever you or your PR agency reaches out to bloggers, make sure they are getting to know them as much as possible. Some great ways to really connect with bloggers include commenting on their blogs and engaging with them on social media prior to making your review request. These interactions should be free of pitches and promotions in the beginning to really make the blogger feel like you are an online friend.

If you want to really connect with bloggers in your industry who may be apt to write a review of your products or services, try attending a blogging conference as an exhibitor.

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This will give you ample opportunities to connect with bloggers on a personal level that will lead to lots of great review opportunities.

 Let Them Use Your Products or Services

Bloggers want to give their audience the best information possible in their content. It’s easier to provide this information if they have actually had their hands on your product or have used your service and have experienced the benefits first hand. Therefore, you need to allow bloggers who are interested in your brand to use your products and services.

Remember that it’s not just about letting them use your products and services, but allowing them to have the best possible experience possible. You can ensure this by allowing them to use the product or service in the way the see fit.

Here is an example of what doesn’t work. A stock photography company wanted me to write a review of their platform. They gave me credits to apply towards their images. The catch? They wanted me to use the images on one specific site. Since I was more active on another site, I wanted to use the credits for images towards those and then I would write the review. But they were insistent on only using them on one. The result? I never wrote the review.

Also, let the blogger use your product and service for a long period of time without harassment. As an example of what works, a social media management gave me a free account in hopes that I would write about their tool. They did not specify that I had to write a review or that I could only use their tool for a limited time. The result? I fell in love with the tool after a couple of months and now write about them whenever it is applicable to my content.

 Offer Excellent Support

Sometimes the difference between a good brand experience and a great one is customer service. No matter how awesome your product or service is, a certain amount of support is always needed. Whenever your potential review bloggers need support, be sure to provide it as quickly, thoroughly, and as friendly as possible. If the blogger likes your product or service and has a great experience with support, that will likely be the difference between a so-so review and a great one.

Remember that questions will not always go through your support request form. Your PR agency may need to forward them to you, you may receive them to the email you originally contacted the blogger though, or you may get a simple tweet or post on your Facebook wall.  The nice part is when you answer a customer service inquiry on a public platform like Twitter or Facebook , you might get a positive public mention.

Props when Due

Hence you will need to monitor all possible ways your review bloggers may contact you about a support issue and reply to them through that medium.

What other ways do you ensure a positive review of your brand’s product or service from bloggers? Please share in the comments!


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Hi Kristi,

Thanks for the great tips in this article! I would love to attend a blogging conference – do you have any recommendations? I did a quick Google search and a lot appear to be opportunities for bloggers to connect and learn from each other. I would hate to attend under false pretenses, when I’m really looking to meet and connect with bloggers that might be interested in writing about my company’s product.


The biggest blog conferences I know of are New Media Expo (formerly BlogWorld) which should be happening again in January and BlogHer which is in the summer in Chicago. Online marketing events usually attract a lot of bloggers and, depending on your industry, you might meet some that match your business’s needs. I have a list of all of the events I know of in this Google Docs spreadsheet: – I hope it helps! 🙂

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