How This Brand Builds Community With Authenticity and Pants

One of our partners here at GroupHigh is the much loved clothing brand, prAna. Though one fashion and the other software, our brands both have values of nurturing authentic communities and fostering cool stories.

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Naturally, we had to participate and write about prAna’s last campaign because it’s the coolest project I’ve ever heard of!

Full disclosure: prAna has been my favorite clothing brand since before I worked with them so I could be a little biased to their marketing because I love their clothes so much.

The Campaign

The campaign is still going on and you can see really cool social posts about it if you search by #7DayStretch in Twitter and Instagram.

prAna invited bloggers to partake in a creative challenge instead of asking bloggers to provide a “link or mention.”. Content creators were challenged to wear the same pants for seven days in a row and simply take pictures and talk about what they did.

7 d

I found this idea to be fantastic because I’m always encouraging brands to share a story, and highlight an influencer’s existing content and lives and to incorporate a brand into what is already there. prAna did this perfectly.

Each blogger got to pick from a few pants styles and sizes and then wore them for seven days. The GroupHigh office participated and we had so much fun. Sidebar, it was a good team building activity for us too. Thanks for that, prAna!

Posts are going up as I type this from many verticals of bloggers and there are some really creative ones. prAna has organized everyone by having them post by the 26 and using the hashtag #7DayStretch.

The goal, was to showcase how durable and versatile the pants are while creating awareness about the brand and their new fall line. Goal: accomplished.

Sporting Our Pants

IMG_1516 IMG_2281


At GroupHigh we used the pants challenge as an opportunity to go on a company hike.

GroupHigh employees are in the office sometimes and remote others so some of us emailed in pictures from Cape Cod and Kansas!


IMG_20150815_151840 IMG_20150812_162947

Cool Posts

There are tons of social posts linking to this challenge and here are some of my favorite blog posts I’ve seen.

7 a

7 b

7 c


  1. Give bloggers a goal but don’t be too controlling on the execution.
  2. Create something to talk about besides your brand.
  3. Streamline the posts for maximum engagement and interaction.
  4. Include the influencer’s network.
  5. Have fun!

Do you have an example of a time you focused on the story instead of your brand in your marketing efforts! Share!

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