How OXO Has Found Success Building and Managing Their Blogger Program

Learn from the best explores how today’s best marketers and companies operate blogger programs and build relationships with influencers. The experts highlighted in this series work in different industries, but all understand the value of fostering relationships with bloggers and efficiently activating and managing their campaigns.

OXO’s Approach to Influencer Marketing:

Back in 2011, OXO decided to invest in building a blogger network to help enhance their existing word-of-mouth marketing and give a new audience a chance to experience how the company’s products could help make their various routines, like cooking & cleaning more enjoyable. Initially, the OXO team formed relationships with bloggers on a one-to-one basis, often interacting in person at conferences and events. As their database of bloggers began to grow, the company’s in-person recruiting was supplemented by online efforts.

We had the opportunity to speak with the OXO team and learn about how the brand’s blogger program got started and what strategies they’ve used to measure the success of their influencer efforts. Check out what OXO had to say…

Download Highlights:

  • How the brand’s in-person interactions with bloggers transformed into the online influencer program they focus on today.
  • The value of actively engaging with their blogger network, and the importance of providing influencers with creative freedom.
  • The strategies and tools used to measure the success of their programming.

Read about how OXO manages their blogger network and activates campaigns, or visit them at

Learn how OXO uses GroupHigh to run their blogger program – I’d like a demo.

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