How Marketers Can Reach Out To Bloggers More Effectively

This post is part of our series of posts written by guest bloggers to capture the point of view of the blogger in blogger outreach. Scarlet Paolicchi of Family Focus Blog.  Family Focus Blog reports on parenting tips, family fun activities, eco tips, family food, family travel, decor, discounts, and giveaways. Family Focus Blog has been named #3 in Cision PR’s top 50 U.S. mom bloggers list.

As a mommy blogger who writes about all things family related,  I can tell you that there are some key elements to reach bloggers more effectively.  We are real people trying to balance writing with advertising. Writing and maintaining social media channels takes a lot of work.  Building a readership and social media following takes a lot of time.  As you can imagine, we don’t want to provide free advertising.  So, please don’t bother writing a blogger for that purpose.  Write a blogger to work out an advertising arrangement or to provide them with unique, valuable material that may interest their readers. When you do your blog outreach, here are a few tips to help you reach out more effectively.

Clear Subject Line

I can tell you that I get a ton of emails in my inbox daily.  I have to sort through them and delete many of them before I even read them because I just don’t have time to read each one.  A clear subject line that tells me what your are after is imperative.  Press Release?  No thank you.  If it is an opportunity to work together, please mention that (also please mean it and don’t mean– work for me for free).  Just ask yourself are you trying to add value to that blog and if so how and put that into the subject line whether it is, “Arrange Sponsored Feature” or “Opportunity for Interview with Parenting Expert”, etc.

Check Out The Blog Before You Ask

You should have a basic idea of what a blog writes about and what the social media following is before you write to ensure your topic is a good fit and that you are interested in the blog.

Make Your Email Clear

Ok, so you’d like to work together, great!  What are your expectations from the blogger and what will you provide in exchange?  If you don’t make this clear pretty quickly, you risk having the mail deleted.

Don’t Ask To Call The Blogger

Don’t ask me if you can call me in an initial email.  If you can’t make it clear what you want in an email, I will not be interested in your discussing it at length on the phone.  No need to waste either of our time before determining interest. (We can talk on the phone later to work out details, if need be, once I determine we are a good fit for working together.)
Following these blogger outreach tips will ensure less wasted time and a better fit for both parties.  Blogs love to work with brands that their readers will love so that it is a win win win for the readers, the blog, and the marketer.

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