How HomeAdvisor Revitalized their Blog Ambassador Program

What is the Blog Ambassador Program?

At HomeAdvisor, a company that connects homeowners with pre-screened service professionals via our website, we needed a way to locate and target individuals who could help us spread word of mouth recommendations about our company.

In 2012, Home Advisor rebranded and purchased GroupHigh for a very specific purpose: our Blog Ambassador Program.  The gist of the program is that we reach out to 5-10 bloggers asking them to write a sponsored post or posts about HomeAdvisor and our products.

Ambassador Success

GroupHigh has proven to be a valuable tool for running and managing this program. Researching important blogger stats such as unique visitors per month (uvpm) and page views per month (pvpm), can be a challenging task.

Pre-GroupHigh, our first round of the Blog Ambassador Program built meaningful relationships with a handful of big blogs (50k+ uvpm, 80k+ pvpm). Unfortunately, a limited number of blogs committed to the program. Our goal was 10, but we only heard back from 3, which was disappointing.

We purchased GroupHigh while preparing for our second round of the Blog Ambassador Program. This time we focused on blogs with about 4k-50k uvpm and 6k-70k pvpm who blogged about their home, and home improvement projects like DIY and home renovation. We found this niche to be our “sweet spot.”

With the help of GroupHigh’s filters we identified 20 very active bloggers who were a great fit for the second round of this program. We reached out to 10 initially, received a “yes” from 8 (results!) and continued down the list until we had 10 confirmed bloggers.

The best part of this outreach process was being able to track in GroupHigh the response and status of each blogger. The second round of the program brought a full roster of 10 bloggers with 600+ visits to our site in 16 days.

And now, we just wrapped up our third round of the Blog Ambassador Program as of September 22nd with 10 new bloggers and we saw our best results yet! Over 800 visits & nearly 2,000 page views in 22 days.

The ability to search for bloggers who fit our program has been invaluable and recent updates including the ability to track blog posts & monitor for key word mentions provide metrics that help us measure our success.

Lauren Hogan is the Social Media Coordinator at HomeAdvisor which offers homeowners tools including Cost Guide, a resource to help budget your next home improvement project and DesignMine, a site to help collect, organize and bring to life home project ideas. She enjoys hitting the trails on foot in the summer and spending time on the slopes in the winter. You can feel free to contact her at and follow her (@L_Hoges)

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