The GroupHigh Influencer Marketing Report 2016 (Download!)

When you run an online search for “Influencer Marketing,” there’s no shortage of articles offering tips, strategies, and business anecdotes. This trending marketing topic has been on the forefront of marketing and public relations efforts for several years now, but measuring ROI has remained a challenge for many.

So what specific challenges are we talking about here? At GroupHigh, we knew having data around what marketers struggle with most would be incredibly helpful for our own clients as they navigate their influencer marketing efforts. To collect this data, GroupHigh surveyed over a hundred marketers responsible of some aspect of influencer marketing at their organizations. The report details the challenges in measuring influencer marketing, the types of metrics tracked, and the methods of measurement. 

A Few Quick Takeaways:

The TopRank blog highlighted that “The biggest struggle in measuring influencer marketing efforts is providing value,” and that “ 13% of marketers surveyed didn’t know what metrics to track.” Additionally, the SocialTimes supported the research by concluding that “Companies need to get serious about their influencer marketing data, as marketers in other sectors have. ROI is the goal, and hesitance associated with influencer marketing will only result in lagging behind the competition.”

Want to check out the findings for yourself? Download the report here.

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