(Free Download!) List of Top Pet Influencers

Last month, for May’s complementary list of influencers, we provided you with a curated download of the Top Beauty Influencers. This month, in light of June’s Pet Appreciation Week, we put together a list of animal & pet blogs. To create this group, we targeted content creators writing about their experiences as pet owners, products for their animals, and some of the sites are even from the pet’s perspective.

GroupHigh’s robust blogger index, as well as the platform’s Blog Roll Extractor were used in combination to identify this list of pet influencers. This group was also vetted based on SimilarWeb’s UMV estimate for their site and post frequency on their blog.

This list showcases a handful of micro-influencers in this vertical, for more on how to find them in your category, check out this blog post on Tips For Finding Top-Rated Influencers in Your Niche. Here are a few of the creator’s you will find on this list..

Surf Dog Ricochet is a blog that follows the adventures of Ricochet; a world famous, award winning surfing dog who has dedicated her live to therapeutic outreach. People from all walks of life have worked with Ricochet using unique surfing experiences to reduce social anxiety, empower kids with special needs, people with disabilities, wounded warriors & veterans with PTSD.

Preston Speaks is a blog from a dog’s point of view. With a little bit of help from his owner Rachel, his award winning site covers everything from pet products to travel & animal rescue.

Romeo The Cat has the goal of earning money for animal rescues through various sponsorships & advertising. The site has a unique approach to fundraising, and has had the opportunity to donate over $85,000 to pets in need!




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