(Free Download!) List of Top Parenting & Family Influencers

For July’s complementary list of influencers, we curated a group Technology & Gaming bloggers who post about the latest advancements in software, video game tips, and other various developments in the tech world. This month, we put together a list of the top 60 Parenting & Family influencers. This list of content creators provide their audiences with great ideas for keeping the kids busy, offer opinions around the latest toys & products, and offer ways to enjoy those rare quiet moments…

GroupHigh’s extensive blogger index was used to identify this group, focusing primarily on last post date, SimilarWeb’s Desktop UMV estimate, and either ad technology or influencer tactics like sponsored posts in their blog.

Here are a few examples of the type of influencer you will find on this list…

Wisconsin Mommy is a family lifestyle site created and managed by Maureen Fitzgerald that offers tips & reviews around travel, home life, technology, and cooking. 

The Shirley Journey focuses on topics spanning from family-friendly cooking ideas to travel to toys & crafting. With two young boys & a husband of her own, author Christina provides her audience with amazing how-to information around family life. 

The Playground Dad began back in 2008, as a way to provide advice and tips for parents & dads. Covering everything from youth sports to parenting to technology, Mike helps his readers navigate modern family life.

(Download the Full list of Parenting & Family Influencers Here!) 

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