(Free Download!) List of Top Male/Mens Influencers

For March’s complementary influencer download, we put together a list of content creators who post about topics related to luxury travel and hospitality. This month, we curated a group of male influencers who focus their content creation towards everything related to being a dude. From being a dad to men’s fashion & grooming to technology & gadgets, these guys offer their audiences excellent tips and helpful ideas.

We used GroupHigh’s blog search to curate this list of bloggers. From there, these content creators were vetted based on total reach and post-topical alignment. We also included the Ad Network column this month for #AffiliateMarketingApril.

Here are a few of the creators you’ll find on this list…

  • Ape To Gentleman is a men’s lifestyle site that features everything from grooming to design to fashion.

  • Joe’s Daily is a men’s lifestyle site on the mission to help dudes live their best lives. They post about everything from food to home design to art, definitely worth a visit!

  • Man Made is a men’s site targeted at the “postmodern male.” They highlight awesome DIY craft & project ideas, recipes, and more for the new age dude.


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