(FREE DOWNLOAD) List of New Years Resolution Influencers

Happy New Year!

For our final influencer list of 2016, we offered you a download of content creators who were posting about winter topics from skiing to indoor winter crafting. This year, with 48% of U.S. marketers planning to increase their influencer marketing efforts, we want to make it as easy as possible for our community to connect with influencers.

So, we’re back at it this month with a list of influencers posting about New Years resolutions.

The influencers on this months list have posted content around healthy recipes, new workout routines, gadgets to help track your goals and motivating tips to keep you going. Using GroupHigh’s search filters we curated this list based on active Twitter users, Post Frequency of once a week and Vertical by Relevance in the health, fitness, wellness realm.

A few of the creators you’ll find on this list…

Kayla In The City is a fitness and wellness blog that provides awesome tips for staying fit and healthy. Kayla’s posted about her New Years resolutions in the past, and we particularly loved how she organized her year’s goals between “Career + Professional,” “Health + Wellness,” “Blogging,” and “Personal.”Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 10.30.41 AM


Living. Learning. Eating. is a food, recipe & lifestyle blog that offers a variety of new recipes and product reviews. For her resolution last year, author Danai did the Oriya Health Challenge which focuses on increasing healthy habits and daily intake of nutrient-rich plant based foods. So cool!
Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 10.38.34 AM

Fit Bottomed Girls is a Fitness and Lifestyle Motivation blog. What caught our attention on their site this month was their “4 New Year’s Resolution Mistake You Make (And How to Fix Them)” post that provides tips for staying consistent with the resolutions you make regardless of what they are.Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 10.46.36 AM


Download the Full list of New Years Resolution Influencers here! 

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