(Free Download!) List of Food & Beverage Pairing Influencers

Last month, in time for the holidays, we offered you a complementary list of content creators from various industries that were featuring Holiday Gift Guides on their channels. We’re back at it this month with a list of Top Food & Beverage Pairing influencers. All of the creators on this list have posted about food & beverage pairings in come capacity. Be it the perfect wine to pair with a cheese plate or great beers for a BBQ, these influencers are getting creative in the ways they promote the brands used in the pairings they create. We curated this list based on blog content title match, total social reach, and post frequency per week. Here are a few examples you will find on this list:

  • Debbie Gioguindo is happy to share a bottle with you. Her blog, Hudson Valley Wine Goddess provides wonderful wine reviews and specialty knowledge. That, and a really great “Free Wine & Food Pairing Cheat Sheet!”screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-11-57-58-am
  • Sarah and Tim Ozimek created Curious Cuisiniere to show that you don’t have to travel to experience new flavors and that it can happen right in your own kitchen. Their blog fusion of recipe and travel related posts, and they have some cool pairing ideas as well!


  •  Barktime is a lifestyle blog that focuses on food and pets. Providing fun insights for pet owners and unique recipes from around the world, the site has included various pairing ideas that shouldn’t be missed.





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