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A few weeks ago, the GroupHigh team attended Blog World in Las Vegas and since we live in the world of blogger outreach, we were glad to gather some information from some very reputable bloggers to pass on to you. We believe that this info is invaluable as these are the people our platform is helping the world connect with.

One of the common qualms bloggers presented to us concerning outreach was that they receive a ton of pitches every single day to weed through. This task was described as overwhelming, tedious and time consuming to just name a few descriptors.

This leads us to the gruesome fact that we live in an age where we compete with thousands of other voices wanting to be heard over the tangled web of the internet. And thus, we only have about 5 seconds to make a good impression which allows no time for subpar introductions aka pitches.

The good news is that we have all the time we need to shape what our pitch will look like and put some creative thought in to how we introduce ourselves. The fact that we get to craft our introductions to bloggers gives us no reason to mess it up.

Here is what your friends at GroupHigh and the bloggers whom you are trying to pitch say is the formula for a successful pitch:


Short and Sweet Short and sweet

Successful bloggers get hundreds of pitches a day. Your pitch may be thorough and intriguing but if a blogger sees that it’s too long they may immediately delete it as some bloggers simply don’t have a lot of time to sift through pitches.


Reel them inReel them in within 5 Seconds

Try starting your pitch the way you would start an article—with a lead. And, Immediately throw in something that tells the blogger that you are capable of writing something intriguing and unique for their audience. After all, what their audience wants is a blogger’s number one priority. State how you can fulfill their readers’ needs.


Strong Pitch BodyA solid body

The body of your pitch should explain what you want to write about or what you have to offer the blogger. Give statistics, facts, quotes or anything that validates your “awesomeness.” It’s also a good idea to give a sentence or two about yourself and your company. Within the intro or body of the pitch, establish the fact that you are an authority on a topic.

And, for goodness sake, edit your pitch. If you send an email with typos, the blogger will not trust your ability to write as a trusted source for their audience.


Research a PostTarget post

Target a post of theirs to reference. This makes the blogger realize that you’ve checked them out instead of simply extracting their contact info. This also validates that you understand the tone and audience of their blog.


hyperlinkCourtesy links

Hyperlinking to your site and facts or studies that you may be referencing is a professional courtesy. This saves the blogger the time of having to fact check your claims and look up your site on their own.


Strong NoteEnd on a strong note

At the end of your pitch try to mention a way that working with you can benefit the blogger. Pitches to bloggers are all too often one sided. Is there room for collaborative marketing? If not, at least ensure the blogger that you plan to blast the article on your own social media outlets so that they will get plenty of new traffic to their site.

Also, to make the blogger not feel like a link farm or PR source, end your pitch on a personal note wishing your blogger well, no one wants to feel like they are talking to a computer!

subject line Don’t forget about the subject line

Write something better than “guest post” in the subject line. Craft a subject that will get your pitch noticed over the hundreds of others that came in that day.


After you’ve crafted an awesome pitch, take your campaign a step further and engage in the blogger’s social media outlets. Connect on LinkedIn, follow them on twitter or share a blog post of theirs on Facebook.

Do you have anything that you have found to give effective results when reaching out to bloggers? Comment below!

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