Everything you Need to Know About Reaching Moms Through Outreach Marketing

We all know moms are really powerful spenders and consumers. Not only do they spend 2.5 trillion dollars each year, but they are driven by word of mouth more than any other consumer segment and talk about their brand experience more than any other type of buyer.

Obviously, having a refined outreach marketing strategy when marketing to moms is crucial.

Last week I was at the Marketing to Moms Conference in Chicago. What an amazing curated group of marketers and thought leaders! Between marketing trends and authentic input from moms themselves, I have a plethora of ideas, strategies, facts, new research and fun to share!

Here are some highlights that should be soaked up like wine after a long day if marketing to moms is part of your strategy.

New Research from The Motherhood

It’s crucial to understand that moms are trusted sources for each other when it comes to exchanging brand information and product reviews. They are a network for each other. A bad review gets circulated like crazy. Flip side: a good brand experience also gets a ton of circulation.

The Motherhood, a well-known and trusted blogger network, recently put out some phenomenal research pertaining to working with mom bloggers to market to mothers.

  • Moms are more likely, than other women, to recommend, discuss and link to brands.
  • Moms are more likely to purchase based on a social recommendation
  • Blogger generated content that speaks to moms contains personal photos and giveaways
  • Creative expression drives engagement

PTPA Wrapped up Peer to Peer Marketing

Sharon Vinderine, founder of PTPA media gave some fantastic actionable advice on how to achieve brand lift through moms as brand advocates.

My takeaways from this one should be listed on a post it note and stuck where you can see it every day if you are going to market to moms!

  • Create a strategy to use gamification with moms
  • Moms are part of a peer to peer networking segmentation
  • Moms love free stuff and they love to talk about it
  • Product reviews are by far the most powerful social avenue for brands

New Research from BlogHer

We’ve always been a fan of BlogHer’s research over here at GroupHigh so it was exciting to see them team up with Ketchum and present some new insight.

  • While 53% of consumers visit a set group of blogs, 65% of moms have their go to blogs that they visit
  • Blogs are where conversations about purchases are occurring
  • 80% of moms visit a blog before making a purchase decision
  • 31% of moms report abandoning a social platform
  • Nearly half of moms are either the sole breadwinner or earning comparable wages to their spouse

An Exemplary Panel on Blogger Outreach

My favorite session was a panel consisting of Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels, Erica Ehm of Yummy Mummy Club and Alison Kramer who wrote UnMarketing.

These ladies knew their stuff when it comes to blogger outreach and I agreed with every word out of their mouths.

  • Commit to bloggers so they will commit to your brand
  • Understand the mom bloggers you reach. Host family friendly events or if the blogger is covering an event or location she can’t bring her kids to make sure you arrange childcare
  • Make sure the audience fit is there before you reach out to the blogger, don’t waste their time or yours
  • Bloggers spend years building loyalty so their audience really trust what they are saying. Therefore it’s important to give the blogger creative freedom and room for authentic self-expression about their experience with your brand
  • Create a relationship with bloggers and keep it up instead of trying to keep up with new technology. The best marketing comes from real relationships not tabs on what’s trendy
  • Followers can be fudged. Check an influencer’s entire digital footprint. Hint: check out audience engagement in the comment section of their blogs

Huggies Case Study

Huggies brand partnered with Ogilvy for a smashing campaign to pull the heart strings of new mothers.

Based on research and what it takes to drive engagement from moms, the campaign was compiled of the following:

  • Authentic stories
  • Rewards for sharing
  • Natural story telling
  • Consistent messaging across all social platforms

Ogilvy reached out to collect touching stories about motherhood from moms everywhere. They turned their favorite stories in to raw video content.

To take it a step further, moms who shared the content were given a $3 coupon for diapers.

To avoid mixed messaging across all social platforms, Ogilvy made it a point to ensure that images and language were very consistent.

Key Takeaways

One of my favorite ways to improve a marketing strategy is to locate the areas where the advice of thought leaders overlaps. With that said, anything I liked and heard multiple times at the conference should absolutely be a takeaway! Here are common threads and actionable tips on how to implement this advice in to your own outreach marketing strategy.

  • A blogger’s network wants to see a genuine and authentic relationships with the brands they talk about. This should cause your company to look at building a network for ongoing mentions instead of implementing the campaign mentality to marketing.
  • Product reviews are where it’s at. I probably heard this the most. An easy way to implement this is to identify the right bloggers for your brand and offer to send them free product.
  • Moms talk about products and are each other’s resources for purchase decision more than other buyer segments. This is a great opportunity for your brand to align with influential moms to help reshape or improve the image of your brand.
  • Creative and personal experience posts drive more engagement. This means you should be encouraging creative self-expression with all the influencers you work with. Don’t steer the ship in how they post about you, rather, let them do it. Instead of sending them a product to review, find a way to encourage an experience with your brand in their everyday lives for a more beneficial post for your brand.
  • Moms love free stuff and incentives. Don’t hesitate to add gamification to your strategy and provide incentives to moms who share your content.
  • Moms are time starved. Create an outreach marketing strategy that helps moms streamline areas of their lives and a strategy that is easily digestible on the go!

What strategies do you think are the most beneficial when marketing to moms?

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