Determining if Your Guest Blog Campaign was Worth it

You have executed a well thought out guest blogging campaign hitting all of the “musts.” From crafting the perfect pitch to stringing words together to form unique and intriguing content, you invested a lot of time and skill in to your campaign. Naturally, you want to know if it was worth it.

Determining whether or not your time was time well spent is crucial to any guest blogging campaign. With proper analysis, you can find out a number of things:

  • What types of posts drove the most traffic to your site?
  • Which sites drove the most traffic to your own site?
  • How much new traffic did your guest blogging campaign as a whole bring you?
  • Did you get enough traffic to your site to warrant the resources spent on your campaign?
  • It takes a while, but, does your site show up higher on Google’s ranks? Did your domain authority go up?
  • What types of social media tactics drove traffic to your guest blog posts?


Results can take a while to come to fruition, so you want to give it at least two weeks before you start the measurement process. However, when you were pitching and sending off massive amounts of guest blog posts, you should have been “pre-gaming it” in either a spreadsheet or in one of your super organized GroupHigh lists.

List Screen Shot 3

Pre-gaming your guest blog measurements starts with a sheet of all of your pitches and should leave room to eventually track your results. A really organized document contains some of the following categories:

  • Website pitched
  • Contact info
  • Topic pitched
  • Date pitched
  • When published
  • Live link (or earned post)
  • Any info you pull from Google analytics: clicks, time on site, how much new traffic, bounce rate, etc.


You may be surprised at the posts that bring in the most traffic. Contact the sites that hosted your popular posts about writing for them again. Throw in some stats; they will like to see that their readers liked your post!

Consider what factor(s) made your high traffic posts grab your readers’ attention. You only had two or three seconds to reel them in and somehow you did. Was it a catchy title? Did you offer them something unique? Did you throw in an intriguing fact or study? Brainstorm five more posts that you can do that mimic something good about your post. See if you can get just as much traffic.

Hopefully with every guest post that went live, you blasted it on your social media outlets. If you used a bitly link, you should have a spread sheet or a custom category in your GroupHigh lists of what type of tweet or post you sent out and how many click backs it got. These numbers make it really easy to determine what social media tactics will work best in the future.

It may seem overly organized but measuring and analyzing your results is crucial, after all, driving traffic and increasing SEO is the ultimate goal of any guest blog campaign.

Let us know how you determine a successful blogger outreach campaign, we love comments!

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