Is Your Brand Flatlining? Here’s How to Own it and Thrive

So you’ve got a great brand and you’re out there every day marketing it, in all the usual ways. But let’s get real: are you owning it? Are you investing your time and energy in the right places? Building a powerful network of influencers? Truly collaborating with these valuable ambassadors? Encouraging more digital conversations about your brand?

Or…is your brand stuck in the past? Suffering from creative aches and pains? Failing to activate and nurture consumers and followers?

Sure, robots are cool, but when it comes to marketing, don’t be one! You’re a human, so make sure your marketing has a personal touch.

Traditional Marketing is Obsolete

Today’s consumers are super savvy. They’re hip to marketing gimmicks, jargon, and other tricks of the trade. You as the marketer have to be authentic, aware, and relevant. Think of it like dating. You can’t tell them how awesome you are. But if they hear it from a third party, instant credibility. That’s where “ownership” comes in. You can’t just dial it in and expect great results. If you aren’t owning your marketing relationships and taking full advantage of your network, you’re missing out big time. But don’t panic—you’re not alone. Many suffer from this marketing malaise, and thankfully, it’s not terminal. Let’s consider a few common pitfalls.

3 Marketing Flaws that Hurt Long-Term Engagement

  1. Not being opt-in friendly: We’re not talking email opt-in here: this is about having a strategy that allows fans to easily become part of your influencer network. Fans who visit your website and want to share their love—but don’t have an opportunity to—are a huge missed opportunity. Don’t let this happen to your brand!
  1. No real-time monitoring: If you’re not actively listening to what’s being said about your brand, you can’t be a part of the conversation. The surest way to enlist a loyal follower is to connect and make them feel heard—which you can only do if you’re paying attention.
  1. Not vetting brand ambassadors: Sure, Blogger X seems fine at first glance, so you bring them onboard with a carefree “Eh, what’s the worst that could happen?” Then before you know, it, s/he rattles off a totally offensive post that…er, gets attention, but actually hurts your brand. Ow. Do your research!

Does Your Marketing Measure Up?

Now, take a good hard look at your marketing strategy. You’ve got some vital questions to ask if you want to revive your brand.

Are you:

– Focusing on quantity or quality when it comes to influencer relationships?

– Telling a story with every message?

– Giving your ambassadors something to talk about?

– Cultivating one-time brand experiences or ongoing relationships?

Sharing the love & making your brand fans feel special and appreciated?

– Constantly recruiting new followers or getting your network to work for you?


Now that you’ve got a taste of how to own your marketing relationships, want the whole enchilada? Get more insider tips and access to exclusive case studies in our ebook, The Dangers of Not Owning Marketing Relationships.



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