How To Create Engaging Visual Content For Men on Pinterest

It is safe to assume that given the importance of content marketing, your business has most likely developed a plan to communicate with its followers, but what about targeting individual segments such as men in your content marketing strategy?

Some social networks have a reputation for attracting certain demographics or behaviors that can narrow the reach of content marketing if not properly understood and focused. As seen below, Pinterest recently released demographic information that shows men as a growing and underestimated portion of its user base. To help your brand stay engaging to men, we have compiled some tips to customize your content and delivery.

 pinterest 1  Identify Male Behavior Patterns

Pinterest remains the third most popular social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter. Recently, Michael Lopp, head of engineering at Pinterest, announced that the platform has doubled its active male users in the past year. He also shared that one third of all new members are men and that emerging markets boast an equal number of male and female users. Despite men only making up 20 percent of Pinterest’s total user base, that still equates to more men using Pinterest in the United States than reading Sports Illustrated and GQ combined. This data shows a large opportunity to leverage, but before you can market to male pinners you must first identify how this segment behaves.

Analyze Trends of Top Male Users

Taking a close look at Pinterest’s most engaged male users offers insights into how men behave on the social network. In line with previous metrics, about 20 percent of Pinterest’s top users are males. These users are active with frequent and consistent updates around target areas of interest. Most men engage with male-focused content around design, art, inspiration, culinary, style, travel, humor, hip trends, tech, geek, and how-to. These users represent a demographic of men who appreciate visual appearance, modern style, and like to showcase their interpretation as a means of self-expression. Help your brand stand out with content that incorporates masculine tones, contemporary imagery, and simple pin descriptions.

pinterest 2

Stay Relevant — What’s Trending?

The best way to stay engaging is to stay relevant. Keep a close eye at the top trending content on Pinterest to stay relevant with the changing interests of your audience. Monitor what works best with your audience segments and continue to adjust your plan as you collect more data.

Leverage Ecommerce

One of the major differences between men and women on Pinterest is their spending habits. From an ecommerce perspective, women primarily use Pinterest as a wish list, capturing pins to scrapbook and save ideas. On the other hand, men say the number one reason they pin clothing and fashion is because they plan to make a purchase. This encourages brands to view Pinterest more like a shopping cart when marketing toward male users.

To help increase your sales appeal on Pinterest, use rich pins which offer additional information such as pricing, availability and location. In addition to making your pins more accessible, it also increases their likeliness to be viewed and shared by 36 percent, according to a study from Shopify. Grouping your products into your best selling boards and including a copy of the web address in product descriptions will also help increase exposure. Outside of Pinterest, ensure that the products on your website include “Pin It” buttons to encourage users to share your products.

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Optimizing Visual Content

Pinterest users appreciate good visual content, but it is important to understand why some graphics and videos may be more effective for specific demographics. Videos are often very effective with men on Pinterest because adult males spend 40 percent more time watching videos on the Internet than females. Studies have also found that in general, creative imagery generates higher engagement than lifestyle focused content. Finally, including text descriptions with your visual content is helpful for both users and search engines, but keep your post descriptions simple and between 100-200 characters to increase your engagement rates.


The importance of the growing number of male users on Pinterest represents a major opportunity. Brands that want to increase their interaction with these male users must take into consideration the behavioral differences between their target segments. By taking time to explore the social structures of their users, marketers can develop a strong content plan that speaks to the specific interests of men.

Kevin Warhus is a marketing specialist at ZOG Digital, a leading digital marketing and technology company that helps brand more effectively find their customers, as well as create, manage, optimize and amplify content to drive ROI. Kevin has helped brands such as Arizona State University, Warner Brothers and The World Trade Centers Association achieve their digital marketing goals. Kevin has 7 years of experience in digital strategy development, social media management, and communications and is Google Analytics certified. 



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