Blog Wrap Up! Best of Influencer Marketing ROI

To help the GroupHigh community further understand popular trends related to blogger & influencer marketing, we’ve decided to create content wrap-ups each month to help you find robust content most relevant to what you’re trying to learn. Each wrap up post will include a breakdown to previous pieces of content related to one particular topic.

Whether you’re brand new to influencer relations or a seasoned professional, measuring influencer marketing return on investment remains one of the biggest challenges for marketers interacting with this type of outreach. So, for this week’s wrap up, we put together a list of informational posts related to influencer marketing ROI.

Measure or Die: How to Prove the ROI of Your Influencer Marketing Programs

Although reporting on tactics like email marketing, paid content syndication, and PPC campaigns can be pretty straight forward, calculating the value of your influencer relations efforts is often the most challenging part of this type of programming. This post offers some strategic ways marketers can track key metrics and attribute growth with their influencer initiatives.

5 Tips For Selling Influencer Marketing To The C-Suite

Influencer marketing isn’t a groundbreaking new strategy. Yet, even in 2017, many questions around budgeting and return still remain. This post highlights a few ways marketers can sell influencer marketing to executive teams who may just be getting started with this type of programming.

Micro-Influencer: How Regular Joes Are Driving Influencer ROI

News flash: you don’t have to spend your entire year’s marketing budget and partner with an online celebrity to see amazing influencer marketing ROI. A celebrity could have millions of followers but how engaged is that audience? Many companies, as this post points out, see the same amount of ROI partnering with smaller and more niche specific mico-influencers.

Budgeting For Influencer Marketing in 2017

Research shows that influencer marketing campaigns earn an average of $6.85 in media value for every $1.00 spent on paid media. This post explains how much should brands be allocating to this type of programming, and what marketers should be reporting on.

Gather Ye Data While Ye May

There are a limited number of meaningful metrics on which marketers can easily collect data. But what about the influencers themselves? This post details the pieces of information that can be collected from influencers you partner with to help you report on your efforts.


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