Take off your marketing thinking cap for just a second and put on your consumer shoes.

We are approaching the holiday season which means many of us will be cooking and baking foods to share with our friends and families. This year you need to find a new gluten-free flour to bake with. Because, well, a lot of your friends aren’t eating gluten.

Not knowing much about baking with gluten free flour, the first place you’ll look is likely going to be online.

Perhaps you’ll post on Facebook and ask for recommendations and tips for making gluten free crust for pumpkin pie?

You will probably Google for recipes to bake gluten free cookies.

I’d imagine you’d read reviews to see what brands of gluten free flour consumers recommend.

You may even do a search on Instagram to find #glutenfree pictures of biscuits to see if it is really even possible to create such a thing.

The friends, family, bloggers, social users and gluten free experts that you consult make up the backbone of marketing for the gluten free flour and ingredient brands—they are their influencers.

Why co-creating content lifts brands

Now, think about the types of content that you keep or print out or make a mental note of. The content that actually matters to you when it comes to your new gluten free baking hobby. Are the words that make an impact produced by the brand talking about how cool they are? Or are they words put out by consumers on how they use the gluten free flour?

The words from someone other than the brand is what makes the largest impact on purchase decisions.

Time to take off your consumer shoes and put back on your marketing thinking cap.

Instead of creating one sided content from your brand, don’t you think it’s more impactful to create content with influencers to offer to your audience?

Here is why I want this to be your next project:

  • Capitalize on an influencer’s network they already have in place
  • Have a variety of voices to give your own network
  • Increase the breadth of knowledge your resources can convey
  • Create new marketing relationships
  • Keep your messaging fresh
  • Inspire your audience
  • Demonstrate with real life examples how influencer’s use your brand

Types of content to consider

One of my favorite pieces of co-created content I’ve ever been part of is an ebook about co-creating content that I co-created with Lee Odden’s team at TopRank Marketing.

There are so many creative types of content to create with influencers so this list is just to get those wheels turning a little bit!

  • Co-create an ebook
  • Ask your favorite influencers for a quote and use those in an infographic
  • Team up with a thought leader and do a webinar
  • Curate pieces of your favorite content put out by influencers and create a thorough guide on a topic
  • Pick your ten favorite influencer tips/quotes and create a SlideShare with all of these tid-bits
  • Email your influencers and ask them for a one sentence quote or tip and put them all in a blog post

Choosing the right influencers

Choosing the right influencers to co-create content with is much like the blogger outreach and influencer identification strategies you’ve seen me advocate for hundreds of times. So I’m not going to dive to deep into this one.

But, always remember to pick influencers who create quality content over influencers who have a ginormous following. Of course both of these traits are desirable but I don’t want you to lose sight of the main goal and that is to offer quality and awesome content to your network and new audience.

Nurturing relationships

Nurturing relationships with influencers is crucial to all areas of influener marketing and is especially helpful when it comes to having influencers to co-create content with on a regular basis.

For GroupHigh, we’ve been nurturing our network for 4 years now so I can advocate for this timely but crucial process. Our influencer relationships are our strongest marketing asset and we are able to co-create awesome content with them on an ongoing basis like with our virtual summit for example!

Want to co-create some content with me or share a piece of co-created content that you were part of?