Case Study: Outreach the Click Consult Way

Click Consult is a long established digital marketing agency with a focus on search and inbound marketing. Over the past 11 years, they have grown their knowledge, skills and expertise, expanding into an assortment of digital marketing services, with paid and organic search at the core of what they do.

With the goal of establishing a network of meaningful, ongoing relationships with online influencers, Click Consult needed to invest in a blogger outreach program. They found their answer in GroupHigh’s online blog intelligence software.

When researching software, GroupHigh stood out from the crowd because of its unique search function. GroupHigh gave Click Consult insight into the social influence and engagement levels of particular bloggers, an aspect that they found many other software providers were yet to invest in.

So, armed with GroupHigh’s research, engagement measurement, tracking and organisational features, Click Consult began forging relationships with influential bloggers. Here’s an insight into how Click Consult is using GroupHigh as part of their unique outreach offering.


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