Case Study: How Location3 Cut Blogger Outreach Time in Half

The Challenge

Location3, an innovative digital marketing partner, thoroughly grasps the trends of our digitally driven society. However, just because there is innovation doesn’t mean that there is standardized organization.

Location3’s team of blogger outreach ninjas, though organized in their own way, each had a different system of tracking things and executing every stage of blogger outreach for their clients. No one was able to pick up where another person left off as there was no consistent system to organize and determine who was reaching out to which bloggers. They tried a variety of platforms but nothing stuck.

Not only did a lack of a standardized organization process suck time, but reporting was a time sucker as well. Location3 does a lot of monthly reporting and much time was spent on generating these reports manually.

Find out how Location3 used GroupHigh to not only overcome organizational challenges but to also take a ton of time out of the blogger outreach process here.

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