Building A Killer List of Blogs For Your PR Outreach

This week, Andy Theimer from GroupHigh talks about how he builds lists of blogs for outreach.  These tips are easy to use and can save you lots of time down the road when you need to begin reaching out to bloggers.

Find Existing Lists of Blogs

Whether it’s for sales, marketing, or blog outreach finding lists that other people have constructed is my favorite way to begin.  Since list building is a manual process these blogs have already been identified by a human as belonging to our vertical.  Finding existing lists can be done quickly using several lesser known Google queries:

Men’s Fashion Blogs

Rock Climbing Blogs

Yoga Blogs

Adding Specific Blogs to Your List

When I’m doing blog outreach on behalf of a client, in this case Black Diamond a manufacturer of climbing and outdoor gear.  I want to add blogs that have recently posted about Black Diamond products. Knowing this helps me connect with the blogger and gives me a platform from which I can discuss partnerships.  Again, Google is your best friend:

Find climbing blogs that have recently posted about the brand “Black Diamond”

If you haven’t guessed by know typing intitle:<keyword> tells Google to search in the website’s title.  While intext:<keyword> tells Google to search in the website’s homepage text.

Blog Search Sites

There are many useful blog search websites around to help you round out your list.  While I typically grab blogs from Google searches and previously compiled lists I do on occasion visit the following blog search sites to look for blogs.

2 things you might have noticed about this list, 1) That I’ve included popular blog networks such as WordPress and Tumblr.  While some clients don’t want anything to do with blogs on these networks because they can’t control the ads etc…  There are highly trafficked, quality blogs on these networks that shouldn’t always be ignored.  2) I left off Technorati.  This is due to the fact that half of Technorati’s database (currently listed at ~1.2 million) are dead urls, adult content, or inactive.  The rest of the database tends to be high trafficked sites such as Techcrunch and Mashable which for most projects aren’t the best targets.

Prioritizing How You Build Your Blog List Will Save You Time Later

One of the many time-consuming aspects of blog outreach is knowing where to focus your efforts.  One easy way to help reduce this pain is to prioritize where you go to find blogs.  Here’s the order that I use:

  1. Find Existing Lists of Blogs
  2. Add blogs one-by-one via Google searching
  3. Use Google Blog Search
  4. Visit
  6. sites

I typically work my way down the list until I have a list of approx. 100 blogs.  (more in some cases, less in others)  By focusing on adding the best blogs from the start we’ll reduce the time it takes to research and further prioritize our outreach efforts down the road.



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