How Blogger Outreach is Responsible for This Epic Headline

This was a headline in Business Insider last week. How proud must the “exploding Australian fitness brand” feel to score that kind of press?

Actually the brand being mentioned here is none other but one our very own GroupHigh clients—Lorna Jane.

This active wear brand is currently more popular than Lululemon in Australia and through blogger outreach Lorna Jane is quickly catching up to them here in the states as well.

Head of digital, Sam Zivot, has been awesome about being open with his strategy and even worked with me on this case study on just how he became so awesome. (My hope is that after reading this post and some of what Sam suggests, you can be just as awesome…)

While Sam claims that GroupHigh is  “the most useful out of all his social software” his success is derived from a combination of being equipped with the right tool and simultaneously implementing the right strategy that applies personal communication and a focus on strong relationships.

Here are some tips that Sam offers that you can apply and earn cool press like this, maybe?


  • Give the blogger creative freedom. When Sam works with bloggers to determine the type of post (guest post, sponsored post, product review, etc.) he allows them to take the lead in order to earn an authentic post that fits organically with the blogger’s existing content.
  • In his outreach email, Sam quickly introduces Lorna Jane, offers the bloggers free clothing and asks the blogger “to integrate mentions of our brand into their content in a way that is organic and natural to the blogger.” Sam advises: “The worst possible outcome is an article coming off as a sales pitch. Authenticity is everything.”
  • Make sure something is in it for the blogger. “Give the blogger an amazing experience, something exclusive, something that serves to build a relationship and let them do the rest.”
  • Sam is all about actually reading through the blogger’s content and only sends personalized pitches to bloggers. “Always read the about me section. There is lots of quirky information about the blogger there that is great material for initially breaking the ice. One blogger’s guilty pleasure was reading Twilight, so in my subject line to her, I said “P.S, it’s ok to like Twilight”. I got a response to move ahead with the campaign right away.”
  • Don’t only consider numbers to qualify your bloggers. “Audience size is only one consideration we take into account when selecting bloggers to build relationships with. We often find smaller bloggers that have very loyal and engaged audiences.”

Are you proud of your blogger outreach strategy? Share a little bit about it in the comments below. Cheers to a great discussion!

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