Blogger Outreach: Choosing the Right Post Tactic

Bottom line, when it comes to blogger outreach, all we want is a positive and clear mention about our brand, right?

But we’re smart enough to know by now that it’s not as simple as that. A few different mention avenues need to be mapped out before the blogger outreach road trip can begin. Will the mention be paid for? Are you willing to put time and effort in to an organic relationship? Are you going to give a product to the blogger for a review or giveaway?

When the outreach process begins, many times we are faced with different options in which to score this precious little mention. And no, a proper response to a blogger isn’t just “can’t you just talk about me!?” Though if someone said this to me, I might be amused enough to humor them…

Thus, before you search for bloggers for your campaign let alone contact them, you should have in mind what type of post you want to get out of your campaigning.

So that you can make an educated decision to optimize the success of your blogger outreach efforts here are the pros and cons of each tactic avenue available to you.

Earned Post

This can also be called an organic mention, an earned post gets my vote for the most effective form word of mouth marketing.

It’s a mention from the blogger who chooses to write about your brand because they sincerely like it. The post leaks passion in to the white spaces between the lines.

Pros: The audience knows that the bloggers is recommending your brand or product because they genuinely stand behind it. Thus, the trust of this recommendation is there which leads to action from your potential new consumers.

Cons: You don’t have a lot of control over this type of post which is a problem for some of us who have control issues. This type of mention comes naturally after a relationship is built or after a blogger stumbles upon your brand on their own.

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is a post that either you write or the blogger writes and the space it takes up on the blog is bought. For legal reasons, the blogger should disclose that they took money for the post.

Pros: If you have a big budget these are the quickest posts you can score. If the blogger only takes sponsored posts for brand that they sincerely stand behind, than the audience trust should still be there even if it’s a paid for post. Not to mention, it’s nice to be able to offer such a hard working professional a little cash for the work they’ve put in to their blog and audience cultivation.

Cons:With the fact that the blogger has to disclose that they are posting content that has been sponsored, the audience may lose trust in the recommendation as they view it as a recommendation for money and not one derived from sincerity.

Guest Post

A guest post is a post that you write and the blogger allows you to publish on their blog free of charge.

Pros: You get to expose your brand to new eyeballs. You have control over the content being published and words being spat on to the web.

Cons: You have to be very careful not to make your post read like you’re trying to sell something. A good rule of thumb is to pick a relevant topic to be an authority on and include two sentences max with a link to your own brand.

With some of Google’s updates in the last year, brands who do a lot of guest posting need to be careful that they don’t post on sites with a bad reputation in order not to get penalized. If you’re only posting on sites who don’t partake in spammy tactics and you’re posting for the audience and not for the link, you should be just fine!

Sponsored Giveaway

With this tactic, brands give something to the blogger to give away to their audience. Usually the blogger gets something for executing the giveaway, often the product being given away or money. The blogger will hype up your item or service with a post and have their audience members sign up for a chance to win it in various ways. The audience member may have to follow your brand on Twitter for a chance to win or simply fill in a form with their email address.

Pros: Hype is never a bad thing when it revolves around something from your brand and your product has the chance to get some good exposure to new consumers.

Cons: Sometimes this tactic is looked at as gimmicky.


Product Reviews

Brands send their product to a blogger for free to get reviewed on their blog.

Pros: The review will be sincere and it will be a post of their actual experience which always carries a lot of weight.

Cons: In the event that the blogger doesn’t like your product or service they’ll probably write about how they don’t like it. This mention would be the opposite of marketing.

Display Advertising

Display advertisement isn’t as much a post tactic but many bloggers offer it so we’ll let it take up a little space on this post. This is what we call an outbound marketing tactic. You pay for a banner ad or logo on the bloggers web space.

Pros: You can get exposure to a lot of new people.

Cons: Rumor has it that outbound marketing is out. Studies show that the modern consumer is ad blind and they don’t even register the fact that your logo is on the blog.

Now that you have a solid grasp on the different post options on blogs out there, you should be ready to pick one and start finding bloggers! If you are already a GroupHigh user, don’t forget that when you are searching for your perfect bloggers, you can sort your search results by post tactics that they partake in.

Do you have a post tactic that has worked well for your brand? If so, please share your experience in the comments below and cheers to a good discussion?


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