Blogger Outreach Awesome Tips and Fun Facts in 140 Characters or Less

Whether you need some inspiration and knowledge in digestible pieces or you want to be the cool kid on Twitter who shares an awesome tip—check out the following blogger outreach tips and facts in 140 characters or less.

There is so much you can do with them–take them to heart, tweet them, share them of Facebook, use them in your next campaign or tattoo your favorite on your forearm. Let me know which you choose!

Blogger outreach is no one night stand—it’s about relationship maintenance. Tweet this

Consumers want to hear cool things about you from a blogger, not your brand. Tweet it.

When targeting bloggers for a campaign, search by niche not genre. Bloggers have super targeted audiences. It’s tweetable.

Consumers are an extension of your brand, not outsiders. Use blogger outreach to foster this. Definitely should be tweeted.

Bloggers are in the top 5 sources of trustworthy information. Tweet worthy.

GroupHigh can help you do it with bloggers. Tweet it up.

Influencers are most active on blogs. 86% of influencers have at least one blog. Tweet.

81% of the US online populations trusts advice they get from bloggers. Are the bloggers saying good things about your brand? Absolutely tweetable.

I can recommend my product until I’m blue in the face. But a blogger or social media user in my niche will drive action. Tweet it.

Keep in mind baby bloggers grow up to be big bloggers so reach out to bloggers on all segments of the spectrum. Tweet.

For uber success—find bloggers on a granular level by diving in to post topics instead of genre topics. Tweet now.

Avoid posting in the dark and give a blogger a call to action for your call to action. Tweetage material.

The subject line of an outreach email is your first impression. Like the way scented paper used to be. So be creative without gimmicky. Definitely tweet.

Try reaching out to bloggers on one of their social media channels instead of emailing them. I don’t think Twitter has spam folder yet! Tweetable.

Try going for the low hanging fruits and reach out to bloggers who have written about your competitors in the past. Tweet this advice.

Cookie cutter emails to save time when reaching out to influencers are great—Just joking! Should be tweeted.

I can’t hand over creativity but I can hand over blogger outreach campaign inspiration in the form of this post Share with the world.

I just heard a rumor that bloggers are starting a war on press releases… Let everyone know

Consumers trust bloggers way more than brands, are you keeping up? Click to tweet.

A successful blogger courtship and eventual relationship goes beyond the pitch, here are some ideas Tweet to your friends.

Bloggers are a little more sensitive than journalists and rightfully so—they’ve worked hard to make a name and curate their audience. Tweet it.

Do you have any awesome tips or fun facts to add to the list? Add it below!

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