3 Tips for Tapping the Top Beauty Bloggers

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Targeting the most enterprising, successful, and on-point bloggers is a must for those in the fashion, skincare, and beauty industries. Influential beauty bloggers have clout in the industry, firsthand experience, and a wealth of industry connections.

Narrow Your Search

Rather than choosing just any blogger to write about your beauty products, begin your search among the sites where beauty bloggers congregate. Places to look include:


  • High fashion and glamour magazines, such as InStyle, Allure, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Vogue, where beauty bloggers are regularly highlighted by mag editors and fashionistas
  • Online beauty news sites where beauty bloggers are frequently used as guest writers, information resources, and columnists


Next, do your research. You don’t want to choose just any beauty bloggers, as they all have their particular interests and sea of followers. Streamline your sources to select only those with backgrounds and interests related to your own needs.

Now that you have a pool of potential beauty bloggers, what do you do in order to make valuable connections.

Pick a Niche

While part of an all-encompassing industry, beauty bloggers are equally made up of super specific categories. Here are a few of the niches of beauty bloggers found online:


  • Fashionistas blogging about clothes and style
  • Makeup enthusiasts who experiment with the latest tools and tricks of the trade
  • Skincare bloggers spreading the word about healthy and glowing skin regimes
  • All-natural beauty bloggers with a crunchy outlook on life
  • Ethnic beauty bloggers focusing on a specific nationality or skin tone


Every blogger attempts to fill a niche in the beauty industry. Therefore, if you want to connect with beauty bloggers, your first goal must be to understand your own viewpoint. Are you looking for anti-chemical bloggers or those with the most aggressive style advice? Do you want full-on glamour bloggers, or do you prefer to have guest bloggers who are all granola? To gain an in-depth understanding of these bloggers, go to their bank of knowledge: their blog.

Be a Reader

Every blogger writes to an audience, which opens up the doors for you to connect with your preferred influencers in the beauty blogosphere. Become a part of that audience if you intend on attracting the most in-demand beauty bloggers. Then, when you reach out to the bloggers, you can make a meaningful connection. Point out a particular post you read on their blog that really stood out to you. Let them know you agree with them regarding such-and-such beauty advice. This provides several benefits:


  • You are showing that you’ve read their blog, which is the first and foremost best way to impress any beauty blogger.
  • You note the type of beauty material you are most interested in, in relation to the kind of blog posts they have written about. This can break down the barriers between bloggers and businesses, as the blogger gains an immediate understanding of how their interests can benefit you.
  • This establishes the bonds of trust. Any online relationship depends on trust, and bloggers want to be able to trust that you as a business are worth their time.


Working with beauty bloggers is one of the best ways to advance your online audience and marketing opportunities. If you take the time to source the best bloggers, while utilizing their assets, your business will see great return on your investment.

Do you have any tips when it comes to working with beauty bloggers? I would love to hear from you  in the comments below!


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