A Pitch Check List For All Blogger Outreach Emails


With the advances of digital marketing, we don’t wine and dine our influencers (for the most part). In fact, we hardly ever meet them in person or talk to them on the phone.

With such an impersonal way of forming these huge relationships, I think sometimes PR pros and marketers carry this informality in to their pitch when reaching out to bloggers. Without a face and a voice, it’s easy to forget that we’re emailing another human as opposed to simply sending letters strung together in to cyber space.

The most important thing to remember is to always keep it friendly and personable. If you were a blogger, would you want to read a bunch of dry, boring pitches all day?

Just like you have buyer personas and you put yourself in those persona’s shoes to determine which bloggers to reach out to, put yourself in the blogger’s shoes and really think about what you would want from a pitch if you were them.

Then use the following checklist or personalize it based on your bloggers’ personalities before completing your next pitch.

ð        Reference a post they wrote. Showing the blogger that you actually read their work will get you  far. When you reference the post, comment on a point they made or use it as a springboard to say why the two of you are a perfect fit to work together.

ð        Address the blogger by their first name.

ð        Include a little blurb about yourself. Don’t tell your whole life story but in a sentence or two reveal that you have a personality.

ð        In a few sentences, tell the blogger how exactly you would like to work together. Whether you want them to review an item, you want to pay them for a post or you want to write a guest post, etc.

ð        Make it clear what the blogger would gain from a relationship with you or your brand. Remember, successful relationships are never one sided.

ð         Include a creative subject line. The subject line is your virtual first impression so write something better than “hi.” But don’t do anything gimmicky like “boy do I have something amazing for you.”

ð        Make sure the first and last sentences are polite and friendly greetings.

ð        Before hitting send, make sure the pitch isn’t too long and doesn’t go off on any tangents. Bloggers have limited time to spend in their inboxes!

ð        Hyperlink necessary information. Don’t make the blogger Google for your site after reading your pitch. 

Is there anything you would add to this check list? Would love your opinion in the comments below!



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