A Marketer's Number One Job: Amplify Influential Voices

It still amazes me how quickly social media marketing and influencer outreach has evolved and swallowed up the world of “what works” in marketing.

Not only do we need to be caught up with influencer marketing, but we need to stay on top of how quickly influencer marketing is constantly changing for all industries and brands.

Research and case studies show that when consumers are making a purchasing decision, they look to what other consumers are saying about the brand to get a feel for it. Essentially, marketers don’t directly control a brand’s image, the consumers do.

So, if your consumers don’t want to hear from you, what’s your job as a marketer!?

Success in influencer marketing now dictates that marketers simply amplify and foster the voice of the consumer. That means that marketers should be spending less time on traditional campaigns and more time on using the content that is generated by consumers and brand fans.

The following strategies and questions are designed to help  marketers from all levels and verticals get a pulse on the consumer generated content they have now and what to do with it.

Spiff up your site

One wonderful thing about the modern consumer is how self-directed they are. They are going to find their way to your site and seek out the information they need.

So, your job?

You need to ensure that your site has both the necessary information about your brand AND is full of third party voices. Earned media, testimonials, embedded tweets, cool Instagram photos and more will make your site more engaging and your brand more authentic.

Look how Hamilton Beach nails it: Their “recipe” category features recipes created by their consumers and showcases creative ways people are using Hamilton Beach products to create awesome dishes.

hamilton beach

Who is the voice on your YouTube channel?

If the answer to this question is “someone from my brand,” let’s re-evaluate your YouTube presence immediately.

Are you providing content that speaks to topics your buyer personas actually care about?

Often, consumers are going to prefer a voice and presence on your channel that doesn’t scream “your brand.” Consider enlisting your current customers to create videos that are tutorials or creatively showcase an interaction with your product or service.

Rewarding them for their time and awesome content is a must so you may want to incentivize with gift cards or other cool rewards for creating these videos. The value they add to your brand’s image is so worth it!

How many consumer photos are you sharing on social?

Make sure to follow the 3 to 1 rule on social. Three posts should be sharing someone else’s content and topics your consumers care about. This can include consumer generated tweets and photos that tag your brand. After 3 posts sharing someone else’s content and ideas you can share 1 post marketing something to do with your brand.

This simple rule has always kept me on track and has made sure the majority of my content on social is showcasing other people which my followers like better than the few times I talk about how cool my brand is!

Are you earning authentic blog posts?

If you’re reading this blog you already understand the value of blogger outreach.

But, one thing I see marketers not always think through is how to re-use earned blog posts all across their marketing efforts.

If from the very beginning, you think of how you can team up with bloggers to creatively demonstrate how they actually use your brand, you can generate content to use all over your website, social channels and email marketing material.

Have you considered a social takeover?

Some brands have seen great success with letting consumers run their social channels for a day. It’s a fun way to get a lot of engagement in a short amount of time and have creative content to promote.

From sports brands to beauty brands to major fashion brands, marketers are handing over their social accounts to influencers and reporting high engagement and new excited followers.

social take over



















Brand ambassador check in

Do you have a list somewhere that stores your brand ambassador info?

This can be people who love your brand with a small or far reach. The point is that you can nurture these relationships by keeping in touch and sending them new branded products and then activate them periodically as needed for marketing. They love your brand and are going to produce the most valuable content your brand will be able to use.

If you don’t currently have your ambassadors listed and stored somewhere do it now.

Just like with the other tactics I mentioned, this content is a gold mine when it comes to having things to share in your newsletters, your site and your social channels.

I would love to hear how you are using your marketing skills to amplify and reuse the voice of your consumers and influencers so please weigh in!


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