A Guide to Incorporating Vlogger Outreach With Your Current Marketing

Have you ever wondered if your brand should be doing more outreach with influential YouTubers or “vloggers?”

According to recent case studies and research revolving around vloggers as influential marketing assets, the answer to your question may be fairly simple. If you are targeting consumers between that ages of 15 and 34 than the answer is probably. If the majority of your buyers are under 25, than definitely…

Recent research on how consumers are influenced by vloggers shows a few key things that marketers should be aware of and keep an eye on, even if your brand isn’t a good fit for vlogger coverage yet.

As I sit here typing out my opinion on vlogger outreach, I want to emphasize that working with influencers for content in the written word isn’t by any means declining. The value is in the addition of vlogger outreach to an existing blogger outreach strategy can create some much needed brand lift. This strategy is also more ideal for some brands than others so let’s dive in to the questions you should ask yourself before incorporating vlogger outreach in to your marketing efforts.

Transparency is more important than ever

This powerful demographic known as millennials and generation d comprise the majority of the people on YouTube and video driven platforms. Interestingly, they also are holding brands accountable for truth, reliability and authenticity than ever before.

A strong affinity for vloggers is believed to have developed out of a desire for authenticity. Instead of blatantly advertising a brand, a piece of successful video content focuses on how someone actually incorporates the product or service in to their everyday life and existing content. Brand shout outs to the effect of “try this because I say so” or “here is a square on the side of my video to talk about xyz brand” are rotting in the dump of self-serving marketing techniques right next to billboards and radio commercials.

This young generation with increasing buying power is seeking out brand information more than ever before and discarding blatant advertisement. They also have an expectation that brands have an “in real life” presence as well as a social presence at that the two coincide. Brands are like friends now. They should be present at a conversation over dinner and easily found in Instagram selfies.

Perhaps the sweet spot is in the hands of the vlogger?

This critical need for having an authentic and strong digital presence leaves brands in a delicate balancing act when it comes to deciding where to spend the budget on product mentions and when to spend the time building authentic relationships. Somewhere in the combination of these two marketing backbones is a sweet spot where the two meet and create awareness and strong brand lift.

Video content may be that sweet spot that merges real life with the convenience and speed of social media. A question that I may have asked a friend or my mom I can now ask on YouTube and find a variety of explanations in the matter of seconds. Watching a video explanation is easier and less filtered than the written word perhaps creating that connection that some of us long for with real people in this very digital world.

How can you provide entertainment value?

Just like other forms of marketing, the most obvious way to partner with influential vloggers is to provide entertainment. Many brands are doing this and their doing it well. Pizza Hut’s recent video was hilarious and notable because it was a satire on selfies instead of a video about anything to do with pizza.

Knowing how to entertain your target buyers is nothing new so pay more attention to the next question:

Does your brand add value to a how to piece?

As of right now, when someone is searching for a topic on YouTube that isn’t for entertainment purposes, many times it’s to learn how to do something.

Think about learning how to knit a scarf. Wouldn’t it make more sense to seek out a YouTube video to watch someone’s hands go through the motions because that is going to be easier to understand than reading about it?

Once you have positioned your thinking in the right direction, make a list of three things that your buyer persona would ask a friend or Google (same thing now) how to do. How can you incorporate your brand in to the videos and online opinions that are about to be uncovered?

Try getting your feet wet

A good way to get your feet wet with vlogger outreach is to consult your current list of bloggers and see which ones have an influential YouTube presence.

If you’re a GroupHigh user you can pull this information if you’re not, you can usually find a link to their YouTube channel on their blog fairly quickly.

Having the option to either view or read content is a great choice to be able to offer consumers. Working with one person who has a blog and a YouTube channel is ideal and making sure you’re spreading a message that makes sense in video content, in blog posts and in real life conversations can make a world of difference.

Do you have an example or opinion on working with vloggers as influencers? I would love for you to weigh in on this conversation!

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