A Guide to Event Promotion Using Local Bloggers

When it comes to event promotion, you probably have great landing pages, social media promotion, and advertising covered. You may have even already considered working with bloggers in your industry to get the word out. But one area many businesses miss out on is event promotion through local bloggers. Here are some great reasons why local bloggers are an important asset for your event promotion strategy and how to connect them.

Why Choose Local Bloggers                       

When it comes to event promotion, local bloggers can be key for the following reasons.

  • Local bloggers are eager to support local businesses and events.
  • People who live in the same area as your event are more likely to attend than those who have to make costly travel arrangements. Local bloggers may not only make great attendees, but they probably have a larger local audience than other blogs in your industry. If you need to boost registrations at the last minute, local bloggers would be the best to do it.
  • Local bloggers may have lots of connections in the local blogging community. Reaching out to a few local bloggers could help spread the word about your even to many more.
  • Potential attendees looking to research your event may trust a local blogger’s review more than others.

How to Find Local Bloggers in Your Industry

There are lots of ways to find local bloggers in your industry. Some methods can be more time consuming and less accurate than others.

Search for Local Bloggers on Twitter

You can start off with a simple Twitter search using FollowerWonk. This search engine lets you search keywords in Twitter profiles. By using the More Options feature, you can also search by location.

Screen Shot

While this search is quick and easy, finding the right bloggers for your event promotion could be more challenging. This is because many of the results could include people who don’t link to their blog and therefore it may be hard to get in touch with them outside of Twitter. And it’s hard to make a good proposal to a complete stranger over 140 characters.

Search for Local Bloggers on Google

Your next bet is searching local blogs in your industry on Google, but this can be even more time consuming than the Twitter search. This is because you’ll likely run into local companies vs. independent bloggers, ones that may have events of their own to promote and therefore will consider yours a conflict of interest.

Google Screen Shot

Again, you’ll also have to review each one to make sure they have a strong enough audience and content that fits your event along with find the blogger’s contact information.

Search for Local Bloggers on GroupHigh

If you want to make your search as precise as possible with little extra legwork involved, GroupHigh’s blog search is the right choice. First, you will search for a keyword specific to your industry, and then you can narrow the results by location.

GroupHIgh Screen Shot

What you get with GroupHigh’s results is more than just keyword matches. You will get to see:

  • The blogger’s specific location.
  • The link to the blog.
  • The blogger’s audience across social media.
  • The main topics the blog covers.
  • The latest posts which can help you determine what they write about and how often they update their blog.

The best part? You will get a few ways to connect with the blog right from the search results including an email address (when available), LinkedIn, and Google+ profile.

How to Get Local Bloggers to Promote Your Event

Once you’ve found the right bloggers to include in your event promotion, here are some tips on getting them to actually help you market your event.

  • Personalize your request. While it’s tempting to send out a mass email to a lot of bloggers, you’ll want to at least have a template that allows you to fill in the blogger’s name and some particular detail about their blog that made you want to contact them.
  • Let them know how your event benefits their audience. One of a blogger’s goals is to make sure that they are always providing information that will interest their audience. If you can convince the blogger why your event would benefit their audience, they’ll likely want to write about it.
  • Invite top bloggers to cover your event. Especially if you have a regular annual event, consider giving the top bloggers who have the biggest reach a chance to attend for free. Chances are they’ll promote the fact that they are attending with their audience as well as do some wrap up coverage of what they found most beneficial. This may put your next event at the top of their list of things to write about in the upcoming year.
  • Offer bloggers incentives to promote your event. If a blogger is hoping to make some revenue with their blog, then an affiliate program for your event would make a huge difference in their choice to promote it. An affiliate program simply allows the blogger the chance to earn commission on sales of tickets to your event. Sites like ShareASale allow you to create and manage affiliate programs and links easily so you can offer local bloggers a percentage of any sales they generate.

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Excellent tips Kristi,

Thanks for sharing.

I bet this technique could also be used to find leads for business as well as potential collaborators for projects.

I haven’t been using any twitter tools so far I’ll have to take a look at followerwonk.

Followerwonk is a good one – I just hope that SEOmoz keeps all the important features free. 🙂

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