A Crash Course on Becoming a Blogger Outreach Expert

Have you ever heard that if you want to become an expert on something you can read about that topic 5 hours a week for a year and become an expert?

I have always translated that to reading blogs on my target area of expertise for one hour every morning of the work week. And yes, it works.

But sometimes we want the crash course, right?

This post is your crash course. If you read through every link here, you’ll be a blogger outreach expert in no time. (And yes click on the links in the links)

This link to Kristi Hine’s post, The Ultimate Resource Guide to Blogger Outreach and Guest Blogging on KISSmetrics, almost does the trick by itself. By reading her guide and clicking all the links that she provides, will grasp the foundation. Have fun!

Another guide to give you the basics is this one from Zemanta—How to Start a Blogger Outreach Campaign.

I love what Chris Abraham has to say about blogger outreach, especially how he emphasizes the value of long tail blogger outreach or engaging the “b-z” list bloggers. Check out his tips and tactics for successful engagement in Blogger Outreach is More PR than Social Media.

Speaking of blogger outreach being more PR than social media, it’s important for PR pros to understand the key differences between blogger outreach and traditional media outreach. This post will help PR pros retain their charm and adapt their strategy to embrace modernity.

This post, The Blogger Outreach Equation featured on Moz.com when it was still SEOmoz, has some great advice on connecting with bloggers on a more personal level and getting their attention.

I think looking to the experts always helps. Make note of the creative strategies that they use and brainstorm how you can use them in your own campaigns. Here is a list of 5 blogger outreach campaigns that are worth paying attention to.

Because the pitch is your virtual first impression with a blogger, it’s wise to really grasp the concept of a personalized pitch. Check out Lee Odden’s article for more information on pitching.

It’s great to learn HOW to pick up a skill but it’s also important to learn HOW NOT TO do blogger outreach. This post on PR Breakfast club is a great one to read so that you’ll hopefully avoid some rookie mistakes!

In the event one of these uber thorough posts doesn’t cover an area you have curiosities about, feel free to use me as a resource: kristen@grouphigh.com. I’m happy to be your blogger outreach guide.

When you get through all of these links, congratulations, you’ve graduation from Blogger Outreach University. Generate yourself a diploma, I hear Microsoft Word has some great templates!

Education should be collaborative, don’t you think? In the spirit of collaboration, share some resource posts pertaining to blogger outreach in the comments below!

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