8 Tips for Building Strong Relationships with Brands

Earlier we talked about seven ways brands can build strong relationships with bloggers, but like any relationship, it’s a two-way street. And as the digital marketplace continues to shift, many brands need relationships with holistic influencers—those that go beyond just a blog post. By focusing on long-term relationships with brands, an influencer can expect a better financial future.

Let’s take a look at what brands really want from a good working relationship with an influencer. They are looking for partners who can:


  • Create “experiences”:For brands, a campaign is about more than a post or share on social media. Brands are looking for bloggers to create an “experience” with the product or service and utilize a strong marketing toolbox.
  • Build Connections: Brands seek influencers who create compelling content that resonates with their readers. When an influencer is closely connected with her audience, the level of trust increases and a brand’s message will be stronger.
  • Be video savvy:Video is and will be KING! As a society, we’re becoming less reliant on the written word and more accustomed to visuals. Video can often be more attractive to brands that want to reach an increasing mobile target market. It could be a six-second Vine video, a YouTube video, or live-streaming.
  • Own a social media channel: When brands have a new campaign, they have a target audience and messaging. They will find bloggers with strong influence in specific channels based on the program goals. For example, clients who want to reach a younger audience might choose influencers on Vine or Snapchat. Clients looking to reach women might work with large Pinterest influencers. Clients with a lot of message points might choose long-form platforms like blogs or YouTube. By positioning yourself as an expert in any of these channels, you gain an advantage over the jack-of-all-trades bloggers.
  • Use social media properly and amplify:Bloggers who use social media properly are in high demand. For example, I often get additional jobs or budget from a blog campaign because I have a strong knowledge about Facebook advertising. Many brands also expect bloggers to pay to boost their blog posts across all social channels.
  • Be authentic and searchable:Brands like authentic voices and original content with strong writing and creative photography. SEO know-how is also important to help drive search discovery and brand awareness.
  • Have local influence and be camera savvy:Smaller bloggers become very valuable when they can also act as a TV spokesperson in a media market.
  • Answer emails:The blogger who answers their emails gets the gig. When I would run campaigns for advertisers, those that responded quickly almost always got the job. One of the biggest mistakes many bloggers make is not answering emails.


These days, brands need more than just a blog post. Brands want to build relationships with holistic influencers, those that cast their influence net a bit wider beyond just their blog. So bloggers, show them your web of influence and go get that next big gig! And brands, check out what influencers expect from you in this post.

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