7 Tips for Building Strong Relationships With Bloggers

Bloggers can be excellent resources in brand promotion. But if you want them to talk positively and authentically about your brand, you need to build strong relationships with them.

As a blogger myself, some of my closest relationships are with brand marketers. They know about my blogging style and my strengths and weaknesses as a blogger. We discuss trends in the marketplace and creative ways to promote their brand.

By focusing on deep relationships, brands will reap long-term benefits. But it’s important to know what bloggers want and expect from a relationship in order to build a good personal rapport.

What Bloggers Want From Brands:

  • Know the blogger: Brands should become familiar with the blog and pitch a relevant story or idea. As a blogger myself, I can’t tell you how many times I receive a pitch that isn’t related to what I write about. I kindly respond that I would be happy to entertain the pitch if we could adjust the campaign to make it more authentic for my readers.
  • Allow creative license: Giving the blogger the creative license to put a campaign in her words and style can do more for the campaign in the long run. So-called cookie-cutter campaigns serve a purpose when speed and quantity are factors; however, allowing the blogger to use her creativity and verbiage can almost always result in a better promotion for the brand or product because she’ll be more authentic with her audience.
  • Remember social media acknowledgment: Brands and companies need to understand that retweeting, regramming, reposting, and sharing the bloggers work is good for everyone and provides better reach.
  • Share campaign goals: The more the influencer knows about the goals of the program, the better he can put his authentic spin on the campaign. Remember, this is a team effort.
  • Acknowledge that time is valuable: Brands need to understand that a blogger’s time is valuable and that they work with other clients as well. This establishes a foundation of respect that the blogger is sure to reciprocate.
  • Be clear and concise in communication: Bloggers need to know exactly what is expected of them. Brands should be very clear on directions and expectations.
  • Appreciate deeper relationships: Bloggers want to be more than just hired work—they want to be partners. Many bloggers are looking to build more substantial relationships with their favorite brands. They want to be a part of shaping marketing campaigns and are willing to bring their personal and professional expertise and insider info to the table. And a long-term relationship doesn’t always involve payment. There are several brands I work with and lean on for giveaways of products on my blog in return for sharing new brand information.

The partnership between bloggers and brands has added a valuable dimension to online marketing. With a dash of understanding and a sprinkle of nurturing, you can develop a win-win relationship that results in even greater success. And isn’t that what everyone really wants?

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