6 Content Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

As a new entrepreneur, you may focus all your energy on getting more clients onboard or getting all your ducks in a row and content marketing? Perhaps not so much. Content marketing needs commitment, focus and a lot of effort to be successful. So once you’ve got your business sailing smooth, follow these tips to enjoy the many benefits of content marketing (that your competitors enjoy).

#1. Create High-Quality Content for Better Engagement

If you want people’s attention then you have to be a great storyteller. Storytelling marketing combined with high-quality articles can help you get more shares and increase engagement. Don’t write a blog because word counts and frequency of posts can help you get search engine rankings. No. Share from your own experience – give your audience something they haven’t seen or read before. Talk about some useful hacks that have helped you; some tricks or how the mistakes you’ve made helped you grow. Talk about industry influencers if you don’t have much to share your own stories. Make an existing content even better to get more quality links and better traffic. Write to provide value to your audience and make sure it is all proofread thoroughly while you are at it.

#2. Consider Paid Placements

Now that you have quality content in place, your blog is ready for the world. However, your audience may not know when a new post is published; your Facebook post or the tweet can get lost in the noisy social media quite easily. If you are a new entrepreneur and in need of getting more traffic to your site, you need to consider paying for promotions. You can boost your Facebook posts and get more targeted eyeballs on your blog. Prepare a budget and increase your brand’s awareness with the hundreds and thousands of prospective clients.

#3. Check Your Content Analytics

Distributing the content is only half the battle. Most times, marketing is focused on getting the posts out. Although there is a flip side to it. You need to analyze the type of response received from the different pieces of content on your blog. You may have pieces that did extremely well and got many shares and others that didn’t do well, at all. You could do a monthly roundup of all your posts and check the analytics.

  • Was there a particular topic that got many shares?
  • Which post had the longest page views? Or the lowest bounce rate?
  • Which social media platform got you the most number of leads?

And so on. There is a great value in that data and valuable information right here about what worked for your content and what didn’t. Being aware of what your target audience likes and dislikes makes your content marketing efforts more effective.

#4. Capture Attention with High-Quality Graphics

Visual content such as high-quality images and videos help you grab the attention of your target audience and bring your message forth creatively. This is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. Not only does it bring traffic back to your website, but inserting multimedia within your content helps the readers stay for a longer time as well.

Choosing the right social media platform to share your content is not the only thing you could do. You need to connect with the right influencers who would share your content as well. Your prospective clients would want to know who else can vouch for you, and which industry leader or influencer trusts you. It can take a lot of time and effort, but it is can be done. Instead of sending out spam-like emails to strangers for a link or a share, take the time to build a relationship first. Subscribe to their site and follow their posts. Study them. Then email them about how they match your audience and your style. Show your social love and share their content across your social media channels first. Share your insights in their comments, and in many other ways, make that connection first.

#6. Consistency. Make it a Top Priority

Needless to say, new entrepreneurs face many challenges. One of the most difficult ones is to be consistent. There are many startup blogs who kickstart with a lot of enthusiasm, blogging weekly and even daily, only to go silent after a few months. If you had to choose between focusing on your clients (to pay the bills) or blogging, the choice is obvious. So once you’ve got your head out of the water and have reached some stability in your business, you need to set targets for content marketing. Making consistency the top priority will ensure there is fresh content out every week. You need to set specific dates and decide which times to post.

As a new entrepreneur, make that commitment to deliver value to your audience, take cues from analytics, connecting with influencers and doing everything consistently to be successful in content marketing.


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