5 Ways to Add a Spark to your Influencer Marketing Strategy

I don’t know about you, but my most successful marketing strategies have been creative, slightly outside the norm and inspired by some really cool marketers.

So, since marketing can drain the energy levels with a neediness for constant creativity, I have found a few ways to make sure my marketing always has that “spark,” even when I’m not feeling especially sparkly or creative.

One of the most helpful things I do is keep a running list of post ideas, new strategies, fun email topics and innovative social discussion starters. When I have a case of the Mondays or I’m just drained, I consult my list.

And how do I keep that list fresh?

By always making sure I am doing these five things to spark creativity and innovation in my influencer marketing.

I LOVE social interaction, so let me know which of these you’ve tried, which of these you want to try or if you have your own creative ways to keep your influencer marketing strategy full of life and energy. Tweet @kristenwords and use #outreachmarketing to join the conversation.

Create an Inspiration List

My inspiration list is multi-media. Meaning, it’s all over the place.

  • Twitter lists of favorite marketers
  • Google alerts for favorite brands and niche key words like “influencer marketing” that are relevant to your brand
  • Follow brands that inspire you on Facebook even if they have nothing to do with your brand
  • Bookmark your favorite case studies or examples of marketing you LOVE
  • Save marketing emails you receive in a file to “mimic” at some point
  • Follow three blogs. One that keeps you up to date with your industry. One that keeps you up to date with digital marketing. And one that makes you feel inspired—it can be about anything.

Have Coffee with a Marketing Contact

This is especially important if you are like me and don’t work at an agency. My marketing ideas are bounced off of the walls of my own office if I don’t get out and have chats with other marketers.

Thanks to such an advanced communication structure, you can have virtual coffee! Skype a marketer once a week to just talk business and strategy.

Start a Facebook Discussion

Do you have a question or need examples or want to chat through a pain point in your marketing strategy? Join a Facebook group that is relevant and start a conversation.

Chances are, if you have a pain point in an area, so do other marketers and they may have creative insight on how to overcome it!

The Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit

I consider The Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit to be the college equivalent to a degree in digital marketing.

This online conference streams presentations from thought leaders in influencer marketing for an entire day.

All topics are vetted for innovation and creativity and there is also a resource library so that conference attendees can further their learning of the topics discussed at the summit.

The next one is October 13 and I hope you’ll be there to chat!

Stalk Your Favorite Influencer

We all have the influencers, marketers and brands we look up to. Follow their blog posts, earned media, social tid-bits and check out their online profiles.

The following things to research and list are guaranteed to take your marketing to the next level by getting really analytical with the influencers you love!

Make a list of:

  • What they post about that you like
  • How you can be inspired by their content and adapt it to your brand
  • Note the types of posts they put on social. Are they self-promotional or educational or both?
  • When the posts do link back to an influencer’s owned assets what makes this post make you want to read it?
  • What is something you don’t like that you saw when you read through their bios and posts.
  • Hone in on engagement. Read the comments on their blog and social posts. Are they conversing with their audience? If so, what is the tone?
  • Read through the past 3 months of their blog and social content. Which posts were shared and commented on the most? What are some key elements that seem to make these posts so sharable?
  • Google the brand the influencer writes about. Read the earned posts. So, the posts talking about the brand that the influencer didn’t write themselves. Remember they probably formed a relationship to get cool shout outs. So what can you learn/analyze about their influencer relationships and mold to your own?


So many cool things to be learned from fellow marketers that influencer marketing is definitely a self-taught and driven skill these days, don’t you think!?


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