Working with an influencer more than once ensures that an influencer’s brand mention is authentic and trusted by their network which results in more engagement for the brand.

At GroupHigh, we advocate that brands foster an engaged network of influencers so that they can run campaigns with an pre-existing, happy database of influencers.

The theory behind this approach is that brands can continuously revisit their continuously evolving network and partner with a handful  of influencers ( on average 20-30) per campaign. Each campaign is easy to personalize and apply specifics to based on metrics and data points such as an influencer’s topic affinity, past campaign participation, social reach, audience engagement, etc.

Basically, we look at influencer marketing as a two pronged mechanism:


  1. Building a network of influencers ( a complete guide on that here)
  2. Running campaigns with existing network of influencers (this post being the complete guide for this component)

Here are 5 of the most common and successful types of campaigns that your brand should be running with your network of influencers:


Run a Giveaway

Running a giveaway with influencers is an easy way to ensure that an influencer’s network is engaged with a brand.

Typically a giveaway is run by the blogger and the product given away is provided by the brand. One product for the blogger for running the giveaway and another one for the person who wins the giveaway. The blogger will facilitate and promote the giveaway and then let the brand know who won and where to send the item.

A chance to win is usually a social share of the post or brand or signing up for a newsletter. Your brand will work out the specifics with the blogger who will also probably have some best practices based on their knowledge of their specific audience so don’t hesitate to ask them!

Announce a New Product or Feature

Take the average product review a step further and make sure that your earned posts have a creative element about them.

Influencers love to be part of your and don’t want to feel like an extension of your brand. Therefore keeping them in the loop and even giving them information before you announce it to the rest of the world is a great way to make them feel special and to also give them a story to tell about your brand.

Organize an In Person Event

When possible or applicable, in person events are a great way to add a human element to your brand and engage influencers on a higher level.

If an in-person event isn’t something that your brand is capable of running, consider empowering your influencers to run one with their networks.

Either way you go about it, make sure to provide tons of photo worthy assets and give them a hashtag to use.

Challenge your Influencers

A little competition can be fun. Consider having your network of influencers compete for a prize. This can either be a gift card, monetary reward or product. In order for an influencer to win, a lot of brands will look at social shares of posts or traffic that each influencer got back to the brand’s site.

Keep your influencers engaged with updates and tag them in social posts. Plan out a communication schedule so that you can make sure you are continually equipping your influencers with assets they can share to power the challenge.

A great example of this is the #7daystretch challenge that prAna did with some of their bloggers. Check out the full post here.

Facilitate Research or a Collaborative Post

You know your consumer profile and can use this to determine what kind of innovative information or research or advice they would value.

Work with influencers and gather their voices by asking for a tip on a hot topic or asking them to fill out a survey. Not only is this content engaging and valuable to influencers and their networks but it’s super sharable since you’re quoting so many industry experts.

Is there a type of campaign that you recommend running with an influencer network? Please share!