5 Things I Want Everyone to Know About Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach has a plethora of benefits from brand awareness to SEO lift to product promotion to boosts in brand image to influencer network power and more.

While marketers and PR pros are seeing the need for blogger outreach as a skill, many are diving in without taking a moment to execute some very crucial components to a solid blogger outreach strategy.

No worries, we’ve all been there—I’ve been doing blogger outreach for years so I’d like to share these 5 things that I want everyone to know about it.

1. It’s a niche world

Blogger outreach isn’t as effective when looked at as a scalable or broad strategy.

Since bloggers write about very specific topics within a genre, niches within verticals should first be identified before seeking out the bloggers who are a great fit.

This is a wonderful thing because each blogger’s audience is there to learn about and keep up to date with a very distinct topic. When you work with the right bloggers, their network is a very targeted group to introduce to your brand, product, service, etc.!

For example, popular verticals of bloggers include mom bloggers, fashion bloggers and travel bloggers. But, brands shouldn’t just seek out an entire genre. A niche within these segments would be something like mom bloggers who write about peanut allergies or fashion bloggers who write about eco fashion or travel bloggers who back pack.

2. Personalization defines success

From the identification process to the pitches you send to the follow up plan, all aspects of a blogger outreach strategy should be personalized for maximum success.

What exactly do I mean?

Looking at each blogger as an individual influencer instead of a person merely on a list of influencers is key.

Work with them based on the topics they write about. Reach out to a blogger based on a certain social channel they have a presence on. Work with them on an ongoing basis when their shout outs are authentic and cause brand engagement.

 3. A blogger outreach tool is the missing partner to human marketing skills

Blogger outreach is comprised of creativity, authenticity, human connection and organization.

Your communication and creativity can’t be done by a software or app BUT a blogger outreach tool is crucial to a streamlined and organize approach.

First determine how much blogger outreach you do, what your budget is and what you require out of a tool. Then research a few. GroupHigh (my company) and InkyBee are popular options.

Capabilities that you’ll want to explore in different tools include blogger identification, relationship management, monitoring for earned posts and more.

4. The extra element takes you far

When reaching out to bloggers it is very important to understand that an earned post is great but you want to really focus on and implement a strategy that earns a post that will cause a blogger’s audience to take notice and elicit engagement.

For example, Huggies worked with mom bloggers. They didn’t have them write about diapers, rather, they made a video that plucked nostalgic heart strings of moms everywhere. Consider how much more effective an entire experience with a brand is as opposed to just a casual mention.

Think about what it would be like as a blogger’s audience to stumble upon a mention of your brand. What would make you like the post? What would catch your fleeting attention? What type of post may help a pain point you experience?

5. Building a network should be the goal

The campaign mentality applied to blogger outreach isn’t ideal.

Sure a onetime mention is great but a blogger’s network loves to hear about the same brands on an ongoing basis. Because this adds an element of trust in the brand recommendation, their audience is more likely to take action as opposed to causing simple awareness.

Treating bloggers as a part of a brand instead of an extension is optimal for both brands and bloggers. They want to feel like they have a say and feel a part of what you do and in return their ongoing mentions are worth their weight in gold.

When building a network of bloggers, there are two things to keep in mind. First, it’s crucial to establish mutually beneficial relationships with your bloggers. Second, maintain continual communication with to stay on their minds.

Is there anything you want to add for other marketers to know about blogger outreach? Please share your tips and tricks in the comments section!

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