5 Spectacular Blogger Outreach Campaigns to Take Note of

Straying far from the ways of traditional journalist pitching, blogger outreach is done on an individual, personalized level. Not to mention the campaigns tend to burst with creativity as bloggers align with brands and offer sincere word of mouth recommendations.

Personally, I love to draw inspiration from brands who execute outreach tactics well and then brainstorm with my team how we can draw from that example and apply a similar strategy to our own marketing and PR campaigns.

Here are 5 blogger outreach campaigns from noteworthy brands that I think are full of creativity and yielded good results for these brands. See what you can take from these examples and apply to your own blogger outreach campaigns!


Very recently Wendy’s used blogger outreach to promote the fact that they now serve their Frosty in a cone.

They aligned with family, mom and style bloggers and used nostalgia to strike a chord with their audience. Wendy’s asked their bloggers to write about a fond memory that eating a Frosty evoked which not only spread the word that Frosties come in a cone but associated Wendy’s with nostalgic summer time memories.


ModCloth, a popular fashion brand, has implemented blogger outreach in to their strategy to increase conversations around their brand across digital channels.

They empower fashion bloggers with ModCloth pieces and the bloggers can interpret them in their posts as they see fit. Via visually driven posts, bloggers are able to drive engagement and buzz surrounding ModCloth while keeping the community driven vibe associated with their brand.


Ford is in the middle of an outreach campaign in which they’ve found influential bloggers and social media users so document their experience with their new Ford Fiesta car. These influencers have been given the Fiesta before the rest of the world, talk about buzz!

Harlem Globetrotters

The Harlem Globetrotters used blogger outreach to target mom bloggers to write about their 2013 tour. They gave the bloggers game vouchers in exchange for a post about their experience which resulted in a group of lifetime fans and some awesome brand mentions.


Vaseline brand went with the product giveaway tactic to promote their lotion on blogs who have an affinity for writing about beauty products. Using product giveaways as a blogger outreach tactic promotes some buzz around the brand while creating some fun on the blog.

Now that you have a little more inspiration in your blogger outreach toolbox, it’s time to start researching bloggers who are the perfect fit for your campaign.

If you are a GroupHigh user, you already know that GroupHigh takes the pain out of this process by allowing users to search through an index of over 10 million blogs based on context and reach. With the release of version 4, GroupHigh users can now also monitor the blogosphere for brand mentions and track the success of earned posts. Yay for time savings!

Are there any examples of blogger outreach done well that you know of? I would love to discuss this in the comments below and maybe even collaborate on a follow up post full of more examples. Cheers!

photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

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Great examples. I especially like Wendy’s campaign- so creative.

Hey Alex, thanks for stopping by!

I agree, Wendy’s is a great example of “blogger outreach done well.” I’m hoping their lead inspires other marketers and PR pros to adopt a fun or nostalgic tactic when enlisting bloggers for word of mouth recommendations.

This is some good stuff. I’m a mommy blogger myself and looking to build relationships with my community to help brands find their right fit!

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