5 Newsletters That Every Marketer Needs to Subscribe To

I never thought I would say that there is too much information available to me. But, it’s true. When it comes to staying up to date with influencer marketing trends, I feel like I have to sift through piles of content and separate new trends from posts that regurgitate information I’ve read ten times.

One of the most important things to me as a marketer is following the right resources and newsletters that I place A TON of trust in. I trust these publications to keep me current. Wow, guys, that’s a lot of pressure…

There are 5 newsletters/publications/blogs that I ready weekly that make me feel like I can stay ahead of the game with their innovative posts and curation of the best content being published in real time. Here they are!

Word of Mouth Marketing Smart Brief

These guys do a great job of rounding up case studies and actual brand examples which makes them my favorite publication for tangible examples of influencer marketing.



Marketing Profs Today

Brought to you from Marketing Profs, this email goes out 3 times a week and contains MarkingProfs articles, infographics and webinars that are the most popular that week. This blog is one of the most innovative resources I’ve ever come across and I rely on their email to bring me the best of their best.

mark profs


Convince and Convert

Jay Baer does a phenomenal job of staying ahead of all things digital marketing. You can subscribe to his content and even pick which topics you want emails about. Obviously I picked them all but feel free to personalize.


Google Think Starter

Every Monday I get a “think starter” from Google which helps me stay creative. If you’re like me and get the Monday blahs, something to get your wheels turning like these emails from Google are pretty fantastic.

think starter


Another site that lets you pick what topics you want to receive emails about, HubSpot does a great job of keeping their posts relevant and informative. A little more technical than creative, I credit HubSpot for keeping me current on how to actually implement the ideas I have.


Do you have a favorite marketing resource that you subscribe to? Please share in the comments!

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