5 Easy Ways to Make Your Outreach Emails Stand Out

If you operate like I do, you’ve spent a ton of time following bloggers and reading through their words to make sure they’re a good fit for your campaigns. The last thing we need to do is drop the ball with that outreach email to make all of our research moot.

I’d rather not call the initial email the pitch. Let’s call it the friendly introductory email or the FIE. The FIE should be non-abrasive, short, to the point and clearly explain why you’re reaching out and why the two of you are a good fit to work together.

Keep in mind that many bloggers get a ton of these FIE emails a day. However, from what I’ve heard, a lot of these emails are poorly written and one sided. So, if you’re avoiding the “I need you to do something for me,” tactic, you’re ahead of the game already. However, in order not to further bore bloggers by adding a dry FIE in their inbox, try one of these 5 tactics to make your pitches more creative and stand out!

Send them something free

Ford gave away cars for content. Omaha steaks sends steaks to bbq bloggers. Fashion brands send clothing to fashion writers. Restaurants send e-gift cards to local bloggers. Ray Bans sent company SWAG to influencers. You may not have something like a car or steak to give away but everyone has something offer, what is it?

It’s all about the subject line

Since the days are gone where you could spray your letter with perfume before sending it or sticking it in a cool envelope before you dropped it off, the subject line is where it’s at. It’s the new cool envelope.

What creative subject line can you jazz up your FIE with? Something exciting, a little more out of the norm than hi… Here are a few I’ve tried and have gotten responses from:

We Should Collaborate

Guess What!?

Where Have You Been All My Life!? (My personal favorite)

You get the drift and obviously these are crafted based on what you know about the blogger from reading their blog.

 Offer something bold

Since you’ve spent a chunk of time actually reading through the blog, you should have a feel for the blogger’s personality. Use that!

Maybe they would like a joke. Maybe they’d like your viewpoint on a point they made in a post. Or maybe they’d simply like you to comment on a baby picture they posted of their child. Perhaps you could share a personal anecdote of something that correlates with the topic of their blog.

Write like a human

Don’t be afraid to let your personality to shine through. We all have a personality (I think) so show it off. It’s great to offer a brief personal story when it relates to the topic at hand.


Personalization of your FIE can go a long way. Start by writing each one individually instead of copying and pasting a cookie cutter email.

Through post references you can assure the blogger that you’ve actually read through their blog. Offer them compliments on pieces that you really like. And most importantly, spend the time to find their first names.

What tactics would you like to add when it comes to creating an awesome FIE?

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