3X Your Leads On Your Blog with This Simple Strategy

Rishi Shah is the CEO & Co-Founder of Digioh – a robust set of conversion tools to help you capture more leads on your website. Used by over 10,000+ web marketers. 

Turn Your Popular Old Content into a Lead Generation Machine for your Business in 4 Easy Steps

This trick doesn’t work for everyone. Here are the 3 requirements for making this work:

  1. Have you been blogging for at least a year? If yes, move on!
  2. Do you have more than 20 posts on your blog? If yes, move on!
  3. Do you want more emails and leads from your blog? If yes, move on!

If you said “No” to any of the questions above, this post just isn’t right for you.

Step 1: Find Your Top Blog Post where you get the most organic and new trafficpostgraph

Wondering how to do this? If you use Google Analytics, it is easy.

  1. Head to Google Analytics and look at the pages that are currently getting traffic on your site. Navigate to Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages
  1. Voila! Now on the right you should see a list of all the pages that get the most traffic. These are the pages that people land on directly.

Step 2: Figure out the offering that works for your top Pages

For example:

If your top page is about “Best Vegan Shoes of 2016”, you can offer a guide that says “Top 100 Online Stores to Buy Vegan Shoes Guide”.

If your top page is about “Picking a good Football Fantasy Team”, you can offer a guide that says “Our Ultimate Guide to the 2016 Fantasy Draft”.

You will want to pick something of significant value to the end customer and is related to the landing page. Hopefully you have a lot of this content already in previous posts.

Step 3: Set Up A Call To Action (Create a Lightbox or Add an Embedded Form)


You know which content to leverage, and you have an incentive ready for your readers-congrats! The hard part’s over!

Put a lightbox on each post that’s set to trigger when the visitor gets 30% down the page. If they got that far, they’re engaged, and those are the right visitors to target.

The lightbox should include a call to action (Sign up for our newsletter) and an offer (Sign up for our newsletter to receive our guide: The Top 100 Online Stores to Buy Vegan Shoes).

If you don’t want to use Lightbox, we recommend putting an embedded form right before the comments section. Make it super obvious that they are going to get a Free PDF right when the subscriber to your newsletter.

Step 4: Target the Right Visitors

I can’t speak for every lightbox provider, but Digioh offers a robust set of rules and conditions that make it easy to put your messaging in front of the right visitors. In this case, you’re only going to want to show it to new visitors to your site on their first visit. By setting it up that way, you’ll avoid annoying your other readers while targeting the ones most likely to respond positively to the offer.

The key is to turn those first-time readers into subscribers so they become repeat visitors!

Now you have a strategy in place for leveraging your popular old content. Experiment with different calls to action, and different file offerings to find the strategies that work best for your business.

And remember, if you need help, GroupHigh members can reach out to me for a free consultation- just visit Digioh.com


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