3 Steps to Successfully Forage for Food Bloggers

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Okay, so maybe you aren’t a foodie. Maybe you don’t care where you buy your morning coffee, or how your lunch looks in natural light. But you need the attention of food bloggers all the same. Connecting with the online foodie culture through their blogosphere can expand your audience. Yet finding a way to forge this connection can seem contrived for a nonfoodie professional. Stop avoiding the fans of avocado toasts and rehashed takeout recipes, and get food bloggers on your side using these tips.

1.Start with the Crème de la Crème

Whether you’re lucky enough to have access to GroupHigh or you have another method for identifying influencers, the most important thing is to identify your influencer personas and start with a niche topic search. So instead of searching through all food bloggers consider more specific topics such as:


  • Sustainable harvesting
  • Local food
  • Paleo diets
  • Vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, ovo-vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-lacto vegetarian, etc.
  • Restrictive diets, i.e. gluten free, diabetes, lactose intolerant, low sodium, etc.
  • Regional foods
  • Gourmet cuisine
  • Worldly cuisines
  • Raw or macrobiotic diets
  • Wine and alcoholic beverages
  • Desserts and sweet treats


By narrowing down the thousands of food bloggers out there, you’ll have much better luck in finding the perfect one to fit your needs. But given that the food blogosphere has evolved into such a massive marketplace, it can still be difficult to weed out the weaklings in your search for the best.

More resources for Finding Foodies:

The Association of Food Bloggers is a nonprofit organization on a mission to “clearly define standards for food bloggers as well as provide training and tools for food bloggers.” AoFB comes with a code of ethics and a paid membership that requires food blogs to be up to par with the organization’s stringent standards. You can search for food blogs on their member directory.

Another great resource for finding the best food bloggers is via major online publications that feature top food bloggers:


  • Food 52
  • Saveur
  • Food and Wine
  • The New York Times food section
  • The Wall Street Journal food and drink


Start by searching through the latest articles on these food-focused sites, looking specifically for content that is related to your interests or speaks to your audience. Once you’ve found something exciting, do a quick search of the article’s author to find their website.

2. Food Blogger Found…Now What?

The next part is easier but takes patience. Start reading the blogger’s articles, and join the conversations in comments. Subscribe to their newsletter, and look for information on their blog about guest posting. Food bloggers worth their salt will have a page dedicated to all things related to contacting them, guest posting, sponsorship, and other marketing aspects.

3. The Icing on the Cake: Product Placement

Now that you have the attention of food bloggers, you need a way to seal the deal. Food bloggers enjoy the opportunity to sample items related to their craft. If you are selling a particular food product, send them a sample to review. If you work for a business specializing in a type of food or tool, such as eggs, cashews, or cookware, request that the blogger use the item in a recipe. Make sure to send in a coupon or payment voucher to cover the costs of the ingredients.

In either case, request that you be mentioned as a sponsor of the post. This is important, as bloggers must note when they are paid in any way to promote a product or company.

Just as you are seeking out food bloggers for their informative foodie content and SEO linkage, they are interested in growing their audience by being associated with top brands. That makes for a great opportunity to grow rapidly and build relationships where everyone wins.

Have you worked with food bloggers before? You should share your tip in the comments below!

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Many cities have food blogging associations that include local influencers such as the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society, Austin Food Blogger Alliance, and Charleston Food Bloggers.

Very deliciously explain through your article. very much informative and short to understand. Thank you.

As a professional food blogger I find it confusing that GroupHigh consistently fails to mention payment to bloggers in many articles?

While sending a coupon or free product may garner a few results it’s also incredibly insulting to many food bloggers to be approached this way.

We run professional sites which incur thousands of dollars of investment upfront and monthly. We are paid professionals…just like anyone else you want to work with.

Would you ask Food & Wine to run an advertisement for your food product for free? Would you ask google to run ads to your site for free? Of course not! You would pay these huge magazines 10’s of thousands of dollars for a tiny ad space…upfront and without complaint.

It’s the same with bloggers…not only will they have spent years and countless thousands of hours creating an audience, they will have taken the time to produce a beautiful custom recipe and media products for you….for a fraction of the 10’s of thousands of dollars a magazine would charge where you would also need to provide the creatives.

You can also work with the influencers to license the images and recipes we produce with your content to use in other avenues of your business.

If you offer crumbs…you will get crumb campaigns. It’s physically impossible for us to work on campaigns for product, I have people to pay and bills to pay.

It’s almost 2018…the era of even suggesting paying food bloggers in coupons or product with no other mentions of payment needs to end.

The money for blogger marketing may not exist in your current budget, but I guarantee that there are advertising budgets, PR budgets, photography budgets and more that can have portions shifted to create an effective and mutually beneficial blogger program.


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