Lisa Arledge Powell is President of MediaSource, named 2013 and 2014’s Best Health Care PR and Marketing Agency by Ragan Communications.

Our business is about relationships. In order to foster the strongest relationships possible, you want to be sure to always communicate with efficiency and strategy and never utter the following statements:

  1. “Did you get my email?”

As a current marketing pro and former news anchor, I think I can speak for almost every person in the media and say that there are few things more annoying than the dreaded “Did you get my email or press materials?” phone call. Nothing in the world of PR and marketing guarantees an immediate hang-up quite like this question. If you sent it, chances are good that they got it. They’ll let you know if they are interested. If a blogger chooses not to run your story, picking up the phone and nagging them is rarely going to persuade them to change their decision.

  1. “What type of posts do you write?”

Watch and listen before pitching. Educate yourself about the blog and that particular blogger’s stories before pitching them. Your story, angle, pitch, and everything you do relating to your blogger outreach should be customized, and that includes the timing of your outreach. Know their schedule for posts and deadlines and be respectful of it. If you want the blogger to take the time to read and fully consider your pitch, show them that you’ve taken the time to read and understand their work.

  1. “This is a perfect fit for you.”

When you say this, a blogger hears one of two negative things: desperation or bossiness. They might suspect that the story isn’t a perfect fit for anyone because you’re pushing too hard, or you could come across as a know-it-all. There are always internal pressures, personal pressures, and other planned stories to consider. Only the contact you are pitching knows how your idea fits into their big picture. Let them decide whether it’s a “perfect fit.”

Are there other common questions and emails that you would recommend never sending to bloggers? Weigh in below in the comments and cheers to a great discussion!