3 Agencies That Rock Outreach Marketing

Two of the strongest pillars of outreach marketing are working with real people to build real relationships and weaving creativity in to all digital marketing and PR strategies.

To highlight the importance of these pillars I have handpicked 3 agencies to make my point. The following “spark note case studies” are integrating real people in their campaigns and utilizing a bunch of creativity in their digital PR and marketing efforts!

Diamond PR

Diamond PR recognizes the value of claiming a niche and becoming an expert at it.

This agency works with brands in the travel industry and in their campaigns they incorporate the “less is more” mentality. Check out the work they did for Florida Marriott in which they worked with 5 travel bloggers and scored a ton of coverage.

Working with only 5 bloggers allowed them to give the time and attention to an awesome project in which the bloggers visited all of Florida Marriott’s hotels and were given itineraries designed to appeal to each blogger’s audience. As a result, these 5 bloggers reached millions of people…

That gets a GroupHigh five!


Aside from being one of the biggest agencies in the world, I’m highlighting Ogilvy right now because of their commitment to ethical practices when they work with online influencers.

Check out their disclosure guidelines I love that they make promises to both their clients and to the bloggers that they will be working with. Exemplary.

BoomBox Inc.

Another agency that sticks to their niche. BoomBox Inc. specializes in gamification strategies to engage new audiences for the brands they work with.

There is some cool psychology behind this type of marketing. Big key being that when consumers relate to a brand in a happy or fun way they are more likely to want to align with that brand.

A killer example is this campaign they did for Delta Airlines to engage New York City. What I like is that authenticity is prevalent in every aspect of the contest they ran. They used real Delta employees in the scavenger hunt style contest and social shares and shout outs were given by real New Yorkers. No big names needed to reach millions. Check it out.

Do you have a killer example of outreach marketing to share? Reach out to me directly or share in the comments below! I’m always looking for great case studies to write about!

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